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What shall I watch next?

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Hi everyone, spending so much time indoors I'm very much in need of some entertainment for the evenings. It would be great to get recommendations for any tv or radio or podcasts that you've listened to?

Radio 4 are reading out Hilary Mantel's new book, The Mirror and the Light, everyday at 12 noon which I am hooked on.

Also just finished the BBC series The Split which is very easy watching!

What has everyone else been watching or listening to?

25 Replies
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I finished watching The Stranger on Netflix last night... I. Was. Hooked. The acting is questionable at points but its so gripping!

Ahh this is great, i've been needing new recommendations to watch. I will have a look at The Split tonight, thanks for suggesting Helen!

Hi HelenHU,

Oh I'm a bit embarrassed to mention this, but I'm absolutely addicted to Channel 5's 'GPs: Behind Closed Doors which began a new series last night and this time is coming from Hall Green Health Centre in Birmingham. Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but if you like 'fly on the wall' documentaries, coupled with medical matters, it's absolutely fascinating, and sometimes quite shocking or enlightening. I found last night it was quite soothing to see people who were attending the surgery for more ordinary medical matters, as this series was obviously filmed before the advent of COVID-19. It's on on Wednesday evenings at 8pm, Channel 5.

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HelenHU in reply to

I love a medical documentary. Makes you appreciate how amazing what they do is! Will check it out :)

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Titanic1912 in reply to HelenHU

Absolutely love all that medical stuff. Its interesting. I also love watching one born every minute

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I like it too.

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Great Titanic1912, I’m obviously in good company 😄👍

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Sounds like u are in the UK? No point to us hearing about stuff in other countries! Ive been catching up with some of the things on my sky box, and always watch reruns of coronation street mid pm itv 3 and films

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HelenHU in reply to wiserlady

My parents are huge fans of ITV3 as well! You can never watch too much Midsomer Murders :)

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wiserlady in reply to HelenHU

Midsomer Murders comes on straight after Corrie Street, I do watch some of them.

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Titanic1912 in reply to HelenHU

Oh I love midsummer murders or Agatha Christie's Poirot.

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Hi wiserlady. Yes I am located in U.K., but delighted to hear that you’ve got your own strategy worked out with your Sky box. Coronation Street is a great ‘go to’ as you can dip in and out of it without taxing your brain through missing important bits of the plot. Hope you continue to enjoy, and best wishes.

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wiserlady in reply to

Thanks. You too

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Weeniedoglady in reply to wiserlady

I'm in Canada but I never miss an episode of Corrie! We're always a bit behind so no spoilers.... Although I worry they may have to halt production due to the virus stuff 😔😷

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Titanic1912 in reply to Weeniedoglady

Yeah I heard they were suspending filming for a while

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If you have the BBC I-player and go to the comedy section, you should be able to view all 4 series of Two Doors Down. It is about a family in Glasgow and all their close neighbours. It’s really funny, although the language at times can be a trifle “choice” as it generally is in Glasgow.

I’m not having a pop at anyone from Glasgow as it’s where I stay and have at times been known to talk in that manner myself.

If you happen to watch it, I hope you enjoy.

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I have been watching Hunters on Amazon Prime (it's really good!) and re-visiting The OC (I hate to admit...). Definitely want to check out The Stranger and The Split sounds really good! Thanks for the recommendations all!

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I'm watching liar on ITV at the minute its really good

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Also on bbc iplayer is 'Last tango in Halifax ' I've just finished watching all episodes and the new episodes are on bbc1 right now 😊

in reply to Buddy34

Hi Buddy34, I'm distraught that there were only 4 episodes in the current series. It had barely got started and was over. It's just such a soothing panacea, beautifully acted and completely believable.

I have put on some funny DVDs like the naked gun series and the pink panther and a fish called Wanda today to have some light entertainment!

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If you have access to Netflix try any of these series . I like intriguing or funny. So here you go for starters with the Funny...

Schitts Creek

The Good Place

The Big Bang Theory

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

and Gripping...

Houses of Cards


The Messiah

Enjoy 😊

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Dear HelenHU,

I have just a few minutes ago, 'Posted' on here, about watching the Fantastic Patrick McGoohan series 'The Prisoner'. I actually bought it, on DVD, but it could well be available on 'Net Flex'. I don't have, that Service, I have Hundreds- possibly Thousands- of DVDs. I also have the BT Digi- Box- so, shall I say 'Enough To Be Getting On With'. I might even put on a Musical, or two.....


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I just watched the first 2 episodes of Normal People - impossible to binge watch as it is just too emotionally charged - but last week did binge watch the entire two series of Ricky Gervais’ Afterlife in one sitting.

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What about Parks and Recreation?

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