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What's anyone done today

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GP not much help with prescription, did speak with someone at Boots, you'll have to speak to the Pharmacy Dept he said, is that the 0116 number? Yes he said, rang either engaged or rang for well over 30 minutes, given up for now. Despite this did manage to take part in my reading group, otherwise just destroying photos, I can now see the bottom of the bag so just a few more days of cutting up old photos, otherwise been fairly quiet here today

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I'm so sorry your GP wasn't helpful, I hope the next time you need a prescription you dont have to go through that again. Well done on joining the reading group session today, I bet you enjoyed that.

I really must sort my photos out as well.

I went for a bike ride today, saw a friend from a distance and we had a lovely chat. I made a vanilla sandwich cake for my hubby and baked some bread for me.

Have a lovely evening.

Alicia 😊

Hi Jennymary,

Sorry to hear that you’re still having trouble with your Pharmacy/doctor. Don’t give up! Keep at it and they should answer the phone. I’ve had issues with calling medical staff on and off. Do you have a call back later option for the pharmacy?

Today so far, I have been doing replies/editing, listened to music, creating my own posting for next week, had a snack before breakfast and ate lunch, saw a video of my Nephew my brother sent to me this morning. I will be doing a video chat with my brother and his family at 1 pm and then I will be doing some reading before and after dinner tonight.

Have a great evening, Jenny!😀👍🌈

Hi Jerry, what is really annoying me is that we're told to allow extra, days for prescriptions to be dispensed, I did, I set it up so they'd be delivered, therefore no need to go out, so I've done everything that I've been asked and I now wish I hadn't bothered, I used to collect from a branch which is now temporarily closed, and the one that's closest needs a car so my sister would have to go bit I think that'll be easier next time

I went for a 2km walk.

I normally walk about 5km each day - but I have a cracked heel - I tried ignoring the discomfort but that did not work.

Went for a walk! Have sciatica in my right leg so was doing ministry of funny walks, then nose started to itch! Pulled faces to stop it. People very kindly gave me more than 2 metres distance 🤣

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to

Lol I was doing ministry of silly walks too could only put toes of right foot to floor not all of foot!!! My Hay fever playing up at moment and I'm trying to itch nose from within and people move away from me too...... especially if I cough

Hi Jennymary, This is turning into a real saga, isn't it. It makes me realise how well off I am with my particular GP surgery and really helpful pharmacist at our branch of Boots. Anyway, at least you managed to participate in your reading group.

I've been binge-listening to A Gentleman in Moscow as I got a reminder from the library that the audiobook loan expires in four days. I could renew it if I need to, but trying to finish it now. You must be pleased to be getting to the bottom of your photo bag now. I always find sorting photographs quite time consuming, as I start to reminisce and then find it hard to decide which ones to 'cull'. Hope you have a good evening Jennymary. 🦋

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Did you enjoy it? BorrowBox tells me I can have it next week.

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I do hope you get your prescription sorted. Today, I got a visit from my daughter and 4 year old granddaughter. They sat in the front garden, observed social distancing, I can't tell you how good it was to see them. It's funny how quickly young children adapt, she knew she couldn't come close, hug or kiss me. She told me about doing her homework with mum at home and not seeing her friends anymore at the moment. I felt very sorry for her. Then my mum phoned me and said she was missing me, we where on video call. I said I would go up tomorrow and go through the back garden and sit on the bench so we can see each other. I've also made a start painting the spare room, so I was very busy today. Of course, I walked Bobby and Pip, they get there walk no matter what. xx

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to bobbybobb

Bet you loved that. My S.I.L so upset at moment cos her daughter had a little baby girl 2 days ago and she's only seen her through car window SO ooooo wants a cuddle

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to Craftyperson

That must be so heartbreaking. We know we have to do these things to keep everyone safe. xx

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to bobbybobb

Yes she can't wait

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Sorry your still having trouble getting your prescription hope your not out of anything.

I spent the morning trying to get going as my back bad but after 2 lots of painkillers and a bath a bit easier and finally able to put foot to floor!!! Took Archie for a short walk but bumped into a neighbour walking his dog Charlie so they had a good run together which was good and burnt off some energy for him. Then spent 4 hours making a new baby card for my brother's, daughter who's just had a little girl. Clapped at 8 pm and watched the big night in.

Congratulations to your brother's daughter, hope you get to see pictures of the baby soon,

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to Jennymary

I have already and she's gorgeous and thanks

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

I think we'll know when she gets it we'll here the shout of yippee all over country!!!!

Very true, on Saturday it'll be the 3 week anniversary of first ordering it

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to Jennymary

That's ridiculous as I said to you a week ago I ordered mine 12midnight and got it 10am day after next delivered to door

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