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What is anyone’s idea of great happiness?


A friend told me once that winning the lottery must be one of the greatest feelings in the World.

I would like to ask if we could ask Aladdin for three wishes, what would yours be?

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Long life..... Good health......Happiness!

Simple! 😀🌈

Roukaya in reply to Veteran250



Cure for COVID-19 that would be my only wish

Roukaya in reply to Hidden

One of the world’s greatest wishes is to see an end of this virus

Does it take such a virus to regroup our thought process and concentrate our mind to realise what is truly important?

Hidden in reply to Roukaya

Hopefully we will be out soon as the medical team are working at breakneck speed regarding this situation

Roukaya in reply to Hidden

We will need a world class scientist to find the formula for the crucial vaccine

Hidden in reply to Roukaya

They are already doing medical tests on humans that is why I said they are working at breakneck speed. We could be out of this soon. They have that is 4 different strands of CIVID-19 and low sheilding tolerance so it making it making easier to get a vaccination or cure.


Good health contentment and World peace🌈🌍🌞

Roukaya in reply to Jerry



Not having so much pain in my spine and hips, and being able to stand and walk would be my idea of bliss.

Veteran250 in reply to Hidden

For me too poems, comes under good health.😕

Roukaya in reply to Hidden


Roukaya in reply to Hidden

Take courage day by day

HyldaReading Rabbits

Just being able to hug my family

Roukaya in reply to Hylda



Good health, peace and things to get better for everyone soon.

Roukaya in reply to Activity2004


Activity2004Moderator in reply to Roukaya

You’re welcome, Roukaya.😀👍

Go beyond thought

Truly know the I

The world realises everyone is One

Good post Roukaya,

You have nothing however rich you are if you don’t have your HEALTH, then PEACE OF MIND, and a cure for CANCER and corona virus of course, one last thing to see my wonderful parents again.❤️

Ps. I wouldn’t mind winning the lottery as well, think of all the good you could do with it, I don’t really want much myself other than maybe a larger house, with my own bathroom , please 🙏😉

I’d give a lot of it to my family so they wouldn’t have to struggle , and most of it to charity,

Having a thought of happiness or even striving towards the concept of happiness can make our day’s in Lock Down more bearable

To hug my daughter again, missing 25years..

Mydexter in reply to ellj

Oh my dear ellj, that’s so sad 😘

ellj in reply to Mydexter

Thank you for your reply

Gjkas in reply to ellj

A Bless you ellj. I pray that you will get your wish very soon.🙏

Prayers are sometimes answered. 🙏

25 years is a long time, but it's never too late.. 😊Take Care and Stay Safe. Glo.xx

ellj in reply to Gjkas

Thank you.

Gjkas in reply to ellj

Oh ellj, none of us knows whats around the corner.

But if you're unable to give your Daughter a Hug in this World.

You'll certainly be able to make up for it in the next. 👍.

My idea of Great Happiness is for this World to be as it was meant to be. No Earthquakes, Tornadoes.

Tsunami's Famines etc.

No Murders ,Rapes, Pain etc...

The list could go on and on.

Just think of a life without Pain and Heartbreak .Have our Loved ones with us forever. I don't care about money and Fame. .

We wouldn't need them anyway if we lived in a Perfect World.

That would give me the

.Greatest Happiness.

Goodnight Godbless ellj.

Sweet dreams. Glo.xx

TRST in reply to ellj

I hope you get your wish. Hugs for you.

25 years is a long time

If I win the lottery I would trace your missing daughter

I have ever done this for others in the cases of missing siblings and debt recovey

ellj in reply to Roukaya

Thank you for your thoughts but sadly I do not believe money is the answer, believe me I have tried everything.

Have you tried tracing your missing daughter?

In this time especially?

ellj in reply to Roukaya

I have never stopped trying. Never will.

Ali_H in reply to ellj

Hi Ella,

My three wishes are yours as I can think of nothing more painful than a missing child.

If you don’t mind I would like to meditate on that one for a while tonight.


ellj in reply to Ali_H

Thank you Ali. That is such a kind thing to say.

Cures for all diseases. Families that get along. We could fly like Superman

GhoundsReading Rabbits

An interesting question Roukaya. I think an end to injustice, peace of mind and a painless cure for all illnesses.

Roukaya in reply to Ghounds

I suppose I thought of this question because I seem to experience highs and lows

Also I have reached an age whereby I am learning what is important to strive for

I think if we do not have a realistic goal or to follow something that we believe can lift us up from unhappiness , then in my case this can lead to depression and sadness

I know that I can never change my Mother as she is starting to behave a child but I can change myself

GhoundsReading Rabbits in reply to Roukaya

Definitely, we can choose our thoughts and are not obliged to dwell on the negative. Sometimes not easy! You can only change how you react to others, you can't change them, but often when you react in a way they don't expect they do their behaviour does alter. Stay strong and we are always here when you need us.

Roukaya in reply to Ghounds

This is something I am learning now

For three years I have been trying to study and failed at three attempts because I let the worries of my Father then Mother overwhelm me snd my concentration

I was told on three times that I failed that insufficient depth of understanding was the causal factor

I regret to be honest with you three years of my life and later this year I will be attempting two exams

I have learnt to rise above those who criticise me and mock me for trying at the age of fifty

But I have learnt that we all grew and develop at different phases in life

It is having the strength of our convictions to keep going

GhoundsReading Rabbits in reply to Roukaya

Regret is a waste of your energy, you have learned the lesson so let it go. All you can do is your best and everything happens for a reason. You will be more focused this year as you know now where you missed the mark before. Nobody has the right to mock you for your choices, they are probably jealous and it's easier to criticise you than try something new themselves. Life is all about learning and growing. Age is largely irrelevant.

Roukaya in reply to Ghounds

Very true

Failure teaches more than success

Failure holds the seeds for success at the right given time

Thank you for your very kind words

In my case it would be cute for Corona virus and Cancer

To be reunited with my Mother

To succeed in the path I am following with financial independence

1. For terminal and chronic disease and excruciating pain to be a thing of the past - and (although I'm possibly being greedy here) for all people who have died or suffered from terminal disease in the past to be given that missing portion of their lives back - and for death to be painless and timely.

2. For harmony, health, sufficiency and serenity to reign within and between families and communities and populations and countries and continents.

3. For crime to be superfluous and unknown - and therefore trust and confidence to hold sway in a cosmos of mutual care and appreciation (sounds positively psychedelic!)

Too good to be true?


But I can dream.

ellj in reply to TheDrivenSnow

Never let go of your dreams.


TheDrivenSnow in reply to ellj

...in that Lennon-esque sort of way...

Good evening

I hope you are well

How are you ?

I thought of a little story which may make you smile

I would like to say that my Mother is impeccably tidy

Everything spotless and sparkling clean

I would often call her Mrs Mop at times

She has a tenant who lives in her block

She is a kind tenant and always helps Mum out with food supplies .

But her home is resembling a garbage tip and Mum often passes the tenants home as they live very close .

I told Mum does your hair become like a Troll when you pass the tenants home?

In addition to this as a thank you Mum prepares her nice dinners because she helps Mum with her shopping .

She always opens the door whilst she is gaming on line

Mum is again furious

I wonder what you think

Someone so focused on external tidiness and order is often battling inner turmoil and compensating for the deficit of inner peace by trying to control their surroundings. That sort of ties in with your mother's tendency to exert control.

Just an observation.

You could add this snippet you've taken the trouble to write to that collection of short stories that I hope will come out one day.

Sound very idealistic and an utopian ideal

But in our religion miracles are possible

There have been instances of those who have visited Lourdes in France to have been healed miraculously .


World peace and the end of all suffering. xx

Roukaya in reply to bobbybobb

If only our greatest wishes came true

To rid the world of politicians - the greedy - and good health to all.


The knowledge to change what i can, leave that what i cant, have the wisdom to tell the difference!

This is the serenity prayer


Health, happiness and long life


Wisdom, courage and love Roukaya. And how about you?

Good morning

I hope you are well

I usually get up early for prayers.

Thank you for asking what I would wish for

Firstly a vaccine for Covid 19

To be reunited with my Mother

To obtain my independence to practice as a Probate Practitioner

Just one. Great peace.


Yes thats right, but what a prayer for social workers!! or anyone wanting to make changes!!

An end to




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