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Another bike ride today

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I went on another ride today, I popped to a friends house (we were talking out in her front garden a long way from each other), she is a Celiac so I was giving her the flour I wasn't going to use and tea bags that I'd just bought and didn't realise I couldn't drink.

I came back the long way round and cycled nearly 20 miles, it's going to be hard keeping this up indoors when it's raining.

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Thank you Jerry and she was thrilled. I switched between do I walk or ride so the bike won.😉

Yes it certainly would have looked odd but you see more and more people doing it. We really do miss each other but having a chat was really good as it was face to face from a distance rather than the phone.

I'll go stir crazy if I dont do anything, if you done use what you have you'll lose it so I make the most of it🤣.

Have a lovely evening as well Jerry.

Alicia 😊

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I bet is was lovely for you both to see each other. The weather has been beautiful today for bike riding. I'll get on mine one day. xxx

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It really was, it's easy to do it safely. It's been stunning again, it was windy though so maybe burning double the calories with a head wind.🤣xx

That sounds like a great ride with a reward by safely catching up with a friend. Let's hope there won't be too much rain to keep you in!

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It was and so lovely to see my friend. Even though you can't sit and have a coffee together its still lovely to catch up from a distance.

The rain has eased off and it's supposed to be drier for a time later so I'll go out for a quick jog but won't venture too far as I dont want to get soaked.

Have a good day.


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