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Dogs, humans' best friends.

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My little dog is a rescue, of which I have had many during my lifetime, and never a bad one. They've been big and they've been small they've been lazy and they've been ambitious. My new little dog I've had for a year is a Jack Russell rough coat Terrier and Yorkie. She is a little moody person. if you hurt her feelings she won't talk to you and she won't eat either. but she loves to go for walks and run in the parks and chase squirrels and be a little bundle of joy. She is 5 years old and was flown to Washington State from Hawaii as a stray. She is amazingly well trained, 5 years old, very smart. I always wonder what happened to her previous owners and why she was lost. She is very much of a one-person dog and has got extremely attached to me now. What better love could you have.

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14 Replies
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Dogs are so loving and great companions. Ah sounds like your little dog is quite sensitive 🐶

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Some dogs might get off to a bit of a rough start in life but it sounds like she has found the right person now. xx

Hi leftbehind, It's hard to beat the loyalty of a much loved dog, isn't it. It must be a big consolation in life for you to have her. Well, we all have our moods, but so long as you have the key to her heart and she has yours then all is well. She probably feels very blessed to have been rescued by you. 😊

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You couldn't get better love, sincerity, loyalty and companionship and they ask for so little in return. xxx

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

You can't beat the unconditional love of a dog, I've just shown a pic of my Archie he was a rescue dog too but I know he was hit and kicked by man that had him so he's wary of men till he gets to know them. Well done on rescuing yours. Have you got a pic?

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leftbehind in reply to Craftyperson

I tried to post a picture but it didn't work. However her little face is on my avatar.

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to leftbehind

Awww she's a cutie and Archie's mine too

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So pleased you have found your best friend. x

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Ive been alone since 13th March. My Grandchild finds it too painful to Skype me and I am heartbroken. She usually stays with me every weekend. We are so close.

She broke down during a Skype call because she misses me so My daughter blamed me for making her cry and got angry. Now I have no contact. I am devastated.

Throughout my little dog has kept me going. I couldn't have coped without her. She is a 4yr old West Highland terrier.

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leftbehind in reply to pollianna

That is very heartbreaking. People need more love in these times. I am alone this morning, but not really because my little vdog is curled up beside me. Love to you.🤗

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Yes they do. I am worried about the little one. No contact for 3 days from my daughter, not one message and its Easter during a Pandemic. She knows I am completely alone. don't know who she is!!

Doggo is barking at the animals on TV and needs constant attention but She has been a Godsend

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That's a lovely story, I love the companionship of a dog, also we havd a lovely cat.

Now just have a dog.

They are terrific company and get you out to meet other people.

So glad you have your fur baby,,,,,they are a blessing especially at this difficult time of isolation and upset,,,there’s nothing more comforting than a dog or cat,,,someone who is a ray of sunshine in your day! My hubby and I enjoy an 11 year old Schnauzer mix saved from a hoarding situation,,,, living with 50 animals in a trailer when she was a baby,,,,,all these years she has been th emits loyal and loving family member,,,we lost our other pup last year due to diabetes and pancreatitis,,,we miss our Molly the Border terrier,,,,,enjoy your pup!

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Dogs are my constant in life,i just love them all.

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