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Is anyone praying at this difficult time?

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Ive been using this free forum to pray - used it for a few years now. Its no sign up, free, no spam later and all the rest, instant. I prayed when my friend was very ill and am praying there now because of this virus and someone else's health. I use the free prayer forum at accuratepsychicreadingsonli...

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I hope you are safe and well

I am praying for this brutal virus to come to a close

I am a Muslim by faith but a spiritual person who respects all religions

I have also visited Lourdes in France and the beauty and celebration of Easter has also been a way of commemorating the self sacrifice of Jesus for the dawn of his ultimate rebirth

I can only hope through our faiths with patience and steadfast belief that we can see the end of this brutal virus and the dawn of a new beginning

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Nicu697 in reply to Roukaya

Yes I pray constantly. That's what gets me through not only to stop this virus but because I'm a breast cancer survivor

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Roukaya in reply to Nicu697

I hope you continue to have good health

I strongly believe the faith you have which has seen you overcome breast cancer will again protect you from the virus

Interesting that in times of great need we turn to God

But I think we should always remember God in good times and challenging timed

In every hardship there is a lesson that will serve to our own betterment

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Nicu697 in reply to Roukaya

I do. I always pray through good times and bad

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Yes. However, I find it difficult at times to pray verbally. I often think of God throughout my day, read daily inspirations, and listen to sermons and Ted Talks via youtube.

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butterfly1964 in reply to brwnskinbeauty

Hi brwnskinbeauty

Oh yes I pray and go to church, obviously not at the moment, I am a Catholic and miss going to church but still pray every day, that this awful disease will come to an end🙏🙏🙏🙏jx

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I find it more productive to shout a brick wall, at least I know the brick wall exists.

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True faith is believing in the unseen

For those who are unbelieving no proof is ever enough

Today is Good Friday, Jesus sacrificed his life so the world would be free of Sin.

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Yes, I pray.

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Amen sister. Air exists , but we can't see it, yet we would die without it. The corona virus exists, and we can't see it, but it exists, and it is killing people world wide. God is looking to call nonbelievers to come to him. I pray this will be their choice Amen XoXoXo Happy Passover, and Resurrection Sunday sister.

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Thanks for sharing. I'm a christain and without my faith wouldn't be able to cope with all this and without praying or being prayed for. Thank you wise lady.

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wiserlady in reply to Marg77

HOPE you are having a good weekend

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Oh yes,i pray all the time for people and friends who are struggling.

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