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This is absolutely true

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Dear All,

It is a, well know fact, that once you start reading 'something' you tend to carry on. No matter how boring, and uninteresting, it may be- you carry, right on, reading it hoping, for some reason- or the other- that the content will improve. The fact that you are still reading this, proves my point. I can tell you now, no word of a lie, that this won't get any less stupid, than it already is, even if you honestly believe it must do. You see I know, mainly because, I'm the one writing this drivel and not you. By the way anyone, who hasn't- by now- hurled their computer across the room- deserves a medal, for endurance, at least. Another important facture, in writing things like this, is to use only one chapter- no breaks at all- and also limited punctuation, not much to break the monotony. Is there anyone, anyone at all, still reading this. that should have question mark but that would have given, your eyes, something to catch on to and I didn't want you, to have that. i'm honestly wondering, what else, i can add to make this even more monotonous now im leaving out all the punctuation so it reads like a text message the kind that uses shtnd wrds nd levs ot lttrs evryhr nxt ill add sum spelng nonsnakes and yooo woont noow wear yoo r.

Finally a break, but only, to congratulate you on getting this far.... well done you, you do genuinely deserve an endurance medal.

This is, loosely based, on something in an old Rag Mag, from my College days. I hope that, now you have finished 'Tearing Down' the whole house, you might just smile- at just how true- the opening statement was.

I promise not to 'do' this again.... lest you all lynch me!


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It’s very true though, I quite enjoyed it actually lol👍

I thought that the first paragraph of a newspaper article had to be good to get the reader's attention - likewise the first page of a book.

I often skip through text... reading the first paragraph - and then the first line of each subsequent paragraph.

Come on everyone and join me tracking down Andrew - I have the noose!!! 😂😂🤣


I have the pleasure of reading and marking undergraduate dissertations each year!

Many are as exciting as this to read!

Brilliant drivel

You write beautifully and it sounds like your having a conversation I love that?

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