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Here is one of the roads I get to cycle on. The Pacific Ocean looking towards San Francisco. This is Tomales Bay, and Point Reyes National Seashore.

Good place for riding, lots of nice scenery, not many cars.

If it is warm enough tomorrow that is where I am riding.

Roads here can be steep. 20% grade. One section is 30 but it is short. Low gears are helpful.

10 Replies


It looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Take care and stay safe Lynne

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What a view, hope it's warm enough for you to go.☺☺

I can feel that ocean breeze now 🌊

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Lovely spot for cycling. I was out yesterday on my bike cycling quiet country lanes in the sunshine 😎

I was going to go out again today but last night there was a fire at an industrial estate about 2 miles away and the air outside is not nice... burnt plastics smell! 🙄 so indoor exercise today - not even gardening! 😞

I hope you continue to enjoy your cycling


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daveh121 in reply to Ali_H

Sounds like a good time to stay inside.

We had our share of smoke last year in California, nasty stuff.

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Lovely view. I envy you as my biking days are no longer! I enjoyed a lovely walk today along a road, a sort of, back of beyond country road. Being outdoors makes me feel so much better,


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daveh121 in reply to RoadRunner44

That is too bad but as we know things happen and we adapt.

Being outdoors with any physical activity is good.

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RoadRunner44 in reply to daveh121

You are right, we have to find other ways of getting our exercise. Continue to enjoy your biking time for as long as you can.

Chrys ☺

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Very scenic. Thank for sharing. x

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Thanks, some days are pretty calm out there. Those really make me appreciate it.

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