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I think my boiler may not be working

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I live on my own and I think my boiler may not be working

I have heating with storage heaters but it is just the boiler

The shower is separate to this

It is worry

Tomorrow I will know if I have not hot water

24 Replies
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Hi Roukaya ,

How old is the boiler? Did you get a replacement boiler in the last few years?

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Roukaya in reply to Activity2004

The boiler is fifteen years old

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There should be people who are still working to fix emergency problems like this. Try phone you local council in the morning who might have a list of someone who can help you. xx

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Roukaya in reply to bobbybobb

I hope you are well

I own my Flat so I will need to find a Plumber

I have emailed z Plumber k know

I will also contact Derby Trusted Traders in the morning

My heating are storage heaters

Also my Shower is separate to this

Thanks for answer

Oh dear, yes there are probably emergency plumbers still working, maybe look online for local firms, hope you sort it out soon.

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Roukaya in reply to

I have managed to contact an electrician who is also a Plumber

I have known him for years and has said he will check on the boiler today

in reply to Roukaya

Good news, I hope he can sort it out for you, take care

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strongmouse in reply to

That is good news.

To keep safe try to keep your distance, and when he has finished wash your hands and clean the surfaces he has touched which you also might touch such as doors and door handles. Hope you get it fixed and stay warm and safe.

My husband, who has CLL, had to get the tyre fixed on the car - he needs to go out for monthly blood tests. He phoned before hand. They told him to stay in the car. They then took the wheel nut out of the boot, jacked the car up, with him inside, took the wheel off and fixed it. Put it back on and put the wheel nut back in the boot. They stayed at a distance. When finished they told him how much it was and he put the cash in an envelop on the roof of the car. Wound the window back up while they collected it and that was it - job complete. He stayed in the car safely the whole time.

There are some very thoughtful people out there!

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Use check a trade if you are looking for an engineer. Depending on your situation you could be legible for a grant for a new boiler, check with your local council.

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Thank you

I knew something was wrong

When you are on your own things like you his are harder to sort out

The Electrician who is also a Plumber has agreed to come today late on the morning to see what the problem is

Thank you for reply

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I meant things like this are harder to sort out when you are on your own

It was originally a tying error

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I have known him for five years since I moved into this flat

It is things like this that can increase anxiety but I will wait and see

Thank you for reply

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As this lockdown continues, I can see many people having problems such as these (I watched Planet of the Apes at the weekend). It's worrying and I think if I were in that situation, I would phone the engineer and discuss how well you have both been managing isolation. We may have to wait until the lockdown is relaxed. I hope your boiler turns out to be ok.

Hi Roukaya,

I hope you can get help with your boiler problem. I don't know about you, but since self-isolating, I've had no end of appliances go wrong. They must all be feeling overworked with us all at home all of the time. I hope my kettle doesn't follow suit. I'd be lost without my tea!

But seriously, you do need to have hot water, so here's hoping for you.

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Roukaya in reply to

Thank you for reply

The Electrician who is also a Plumber managed to fix the boiler

Thank you for asking

in reply to Roukaya

Good to hear Roukaya!

in reply to

Oh that’s good news👍

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Thank you for your reply

The Plumber will come at point today but I have known him for many years

It is an anxious time for us all and I am also worried for my elderly Mother in Mauritius

We have both shouldered each other through out our lives more so since my Father died two years ago

I hope you are keeping safe and well and I am find it hard to come to terms with the severity of the virus

I thank you for your understanding and may be my brain is going into Lock Down as well as our household appliances which we take for granted

Imagine the pandemic spreading to Yemen, Syria and Coxs bazaar in Bangladesh

I have Anxiety issues and the boiler not working and being away from Mum does not help

I thank you all for being kind enough to listen

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The Plumber fixed the boiler

Thank you for asking me to let you know

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Two 'Things' immediately Come To Mind. One- you might be entitled to a New Boiler, via a Government Scheme and two- do you have an Immersion Heater, in your tank? This might, very well, be worth investing in.

At the moment, with this Covid19 around, you might just have to have a Strip Wash and/ or Stink🤢. Personally I'd, get the Kettle On and, Wash...… I would contact 'Warm Front', the Government organisation, and ask them, in the first instance- just don't expect much 'action', at this current time, though.

Good luck Roukaya- get the Immersion Heater on, if you can.


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I would come over and help but it is a 15 hour plan ride; and they don’t seem to be flying.

It is probably something easily fixable by someone who knows what to do. Hope you can get it figured out.

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I hope you are safe and well

It has been fixed

A plumber of whom I have known came over very quickly

He is a kind person and fixed it at a reasonable cost.

Extremely kind of you to offer to assit

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Dear Roukaya,

Please Don't think that I am trying to, in any way, 'belittle' your problems but.... Since your heating IS working and your shower too, couldn't you just Boil a Kettle to wash with? I'm sorry but, at the current time, Plumbers, Electricians and the like are in High Demand. Surely someone who 'just' needs 'hot water' to do their teeth, or face, isn't a priority?

In a few weeks, probably months, I'm quite sure a Plumber will 'sort out' your hot water.

I'm NOT unsympathetic and, If I seem that way, please forgive me.


Oh no Roukaya, Didn't you have trouble with this previously? Of course you need hot water for bathing. Can the same person be contacted to come back and help you again? Boilers can be such a nuisance when they become unreliable. Do let us know how you get on.

Ah, I see your update! You are fixed! That's excellent. Let's hope it stays fixed now!

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