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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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The Calm Corner Update, Sunday 29th March 2020

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Good morning fellow meditators,

How are you all doing, this Sunday morning? I hope that your meditation is continuing and helping you to acknowledge all of your thoughts, good and bad, and to know that, having acknowledged each one, that your next task is to set the thought down and not dwell on it.

This morning I need your help in deciding where to go from here with The Calm Corner.

It seems to me that those of you who now 'get' Mindfulness meditation are practising, as well as possible, and those who haven't got on with it, have just stopped.

So I need to know how many of you are still engaging with the daily updates. Please will any of you who are still finding a daily assist useful, let me know.

If there are now only a few people, I may, at the end of this week, revert back to the original pinned post, so that when you have need, you can refer back to that, and use it to ask any questions, or post comments, but I won't do a daily update, unless that's what you really want.

Thanks for that, and, in the meantime, do just go on doing what you are doing, and try to stretch your practice to 15 minutes, twice a day ideally but once a day, if twice is too much.

Please try to enjoy your day today, and happy meditating. 🙏

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Been doing mindfulness for a while, read Eckhart tolle power of now a while ago and it's changed my life tbh, have periods where I don't do it as much but it's always something you can come.back to, trying to do it while I'm home, I struggle to witness my thoughts something I need to practice as I really struggle to switch the voice off in my head, as soon as I wake up it's like blah blah blah blah blah, so annoying lol

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Hi Florence83. I’m a fan of Eckhart Tolle too and also Jack Kornfield.

Tell me about that constant mind chatter! I laughed at your description of the mind’s blah blah blah! Sums it up nicely. I don’t think you can switch the thought off but you can acknowledge each thought and then set it down. As I said once before, they will all return, including the same ones over and over, and I always deal with those by inwardly saying ‘Oh it’s you again. I acknowledge you, so now you can go’. Of course it’ll be back sometime soon, because thoughts are like my cat Kasar. They don’t know when enough’s enough, and pester you to let them rub against your brain, like the cat does with my ankles. But commitment to meditation is the vital key. Sit through every difficulty and persistent practice will reward your mind with some periods, short or long, of a real sense of acceptance and peace. Happy meditating and may you be safe and well and take care of yourself happily! 🙏

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Yeah I get glimpses of that, I don't even know half the time, might just be general rubbish but it's literally as soon as you wake up and you have to stop.yourself and say shut up, sometimes attacking myself , I used to have conversations in my head with people who I was angry with or imagine negative situations with people that were completely untrue but I'd picture them in my head and start getting angry and upset over something that hadn't even happened in real life lol, luckily I don't do any of that stuff anymore thank god so have come a long way, say it's just committing yourself to it daily and reminding it, yes it helps when you treat it as a separate person to you , again that's something I struggle to do but works when I do it, just got to keep on, to be as calm and at peace with the world as Eckhart tolle, that's my goal xxx

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Hi Florence83, I certainly can't fault your choice of mentor. He's a great 'go to' when you are having trouble with a chattering mind, and your practice. Very straightforward, and a great goal to aim for. xx

I'm listening to the tap that needs fixing drip dripping 😂

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I'm still here, but not sure I will make a lot of progress any time soon 😍. Don't get me wrong, that's not to say that where I got to this week isn't beneficial, more that I'm at a stage where most of my effort needs to be focused on making it happen in among everything else. A pinned post, where comments/questions can be added would be great, I think. Thank you for your time and effort, and for giving me the opportunity to try this out, the option to make it part of my day. 🙏

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That's great linda9389, thanks for your feedback. I suspect most are in the same position that you are, so it's good to know! Take care and I hope you enjoy your day.

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I I certainly practice mindfulness daily and find it really beneficial, thank you so much I hope it keeps going. Have a good day and take care of yourself and your family 😊 Bernadette xx

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Hi Bernadette, thanks so much for your feedback. I’ll see who else gives some, before deciding exactly how to proceed. But rest assured whatever way that is , I’ll make sure your own practice is supported , going forward. There’s always private messaging for example but, we’ll find something. I’m really glad if practice has been beneficial for you. It takes effort to do but is well worth the end result. Happy meditating!

Thank you for your post Hidden , I'm going to admit it I haven't been meditating but do know the benefits of it as I was practising mindfulness when I was undergoing CBT. I found the mindfulness to be very helpful and the only reason why I stopped was because some of the sessions were timing out, I have to say I was using a free app. I now know how to do it so will start practising it each day as it's very helpful. I also go to yoga once a week but of course not at present and I really need to get myself into gear and pull out my yoga mat and start practising.

I have been powerwalking/jogging for over a week now every day and I have found that to be very good for my mental health during this awful time.

Alicia :)

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Hi Alicia,

I've just noticed I didn't respond to your post when I thought I had! I know I started a reply to you so goodness only knows what happened. I expect I answered a phone call or something and got distracted.

Anyway, it's lovely to hear that you are going to re-engage with meditation. There's never been a better time to get back into it. A difficult one maybe, with so many thoughts swirling around most people's minds.

Yoga is amazing too and can be deeply relaxing. I can no longer practice as my osteoarthritis has made it too painful, but I did go to a weekly class for years, and it helped me so much when I once went through a personal crisis.

I think that running and power-walks must be so good too. Hope you continue to enjoy yours and I'm sure you'll get regular releases of endorphin from doing so..

I've had quite a lot of feedback on the continuation of the Calm Corner and I'll work out a way so that those who wish to have a little bit of support can still get it as and when they need it.

So, I hope you'll be able to get back to your Mindfulness practice. It's oh so easy to fall off the wagon, but it's just as easy to get back on it again. And you already have a foundation through your CBT.

Take care, stay safe, and happy meditating!

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I did a little meditation this morning & I felt relaxed after it .I thought about my amazing holiday in skiathos in 2018 & took my min right back with some holiday greek songs on & because I was so engrossed I relaxed & felt s good after i bought myself too

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