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Keeping the exercise going for the mind

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Nothing like a good bit of exercise to keep you going for mind and body, we have to look after out mental health in times like these.

I took a very long way round to buy a newspaper today and kept my distance when buying the paper.

I walked a total of 17175 steps so was happy with that. Long may this dry weather continue.

Have a good evening all.

Alicia 😊

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Lovely bright photos. I think people need to be very careful not to stop exercise altogether as like you say it's good for mental health. (I'm having trouble uploading images so was surprised to see yours. Must be just me).

Jerry in reply to Agoodenough

Hi Ali there are problems across the communities posting photo's I don't know if it's internet speeds so it's times out or a glitch but it's been reported. And how are you?

AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Jerry

Ah thank you Jerry. I'm okay thank you. Trying to keep this virus in prospective. Have not got much work now and trying to keep busy but my hobbies are walking the dogs, cooking and eating. I'm doing well on the last account πŸ˜‚ are you doing okay Jerry??

Jerry in reply to Agoodenough

I'm OK Ali a bit bewildered with whats going on with this lock down so I'm spooked by it especially as its spreading but I'm keeping busy with everything. 😊

AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Jerry

Yes, it's certainly strange times Jerry. Look after yourself and keep well x

Very difficult times Ali and I have to say I didn't think it would reach the proportions it has, very worrying.

I'm so sorry Ali you've no dogs because of the situation, that's hard when you enjoy what you do so much.

Take care and keep safe xx

Thank you Ali and it's also just as important for the mind as well as the body.

I've also had problems as I couldn't put photos on another group.

Here's to lots more dry weather, the paths have dried up lovely.😊

Lovely walk Alicia, I usually take the long way home so a great walk and lots of steps you're super fit and exercise is so good for mind and body.

Jerry 😊

crazyfitness in reply to Jerry

Thank you Jerry and it's good to take the long way round especially as like you I can walk through woods whereas you have the forest.😊

Glad your still exercising Alicica, your right it's so important.

I am using my treadmill, instead of going out. Apart from when I go to work 😁

It's very important Debs for the mind and body.

Well done on using the treadmill, that's really good for you and it keeps you away from others. Work is essential so you have no choice there unless you are able to work from home. I now wish I hadn't got rid of my exercise bike a few months ago as it would have been really handy now as if the weather is inclement I know longer have my bike.

I hope you are okay during all of this.

Alicia xx

That's a shame, you dont have your exercise bike now. No one could have predicted this.

I am.ok, thank you, hope you are too, I do have some exciting news, will message u later

I know but who would have predicted this.

I'm glad you're okay and can't wait to hear your news.πŸ€—πŸ˜Šxx

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