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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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What is the message to the human race from Mother Nature?

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“Go to your room and just think about what you have done!”

I’m thinking.... but what future actions will I put in place to change my negative impact on the planet? That will be the true test of me! 🤔

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It does really make you feel as though that's what's happened Ali_H, and for sure I hope we all think, long and hard, about what matters most in life whenever we are able to emerge from this, for going forward. Thanks for that thought.

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I will definitely take public transport more and rely less on my car when practical, particularly at weekends - work is too far away and public transport will get me there too late - currently working from home so not an issue at present!

Use my ‘refill cup’ more

Do more - own less

Pause to speak to neighbours more.

Buy more natural products and if it’s packed in plastic leave it on the shelf... I’ve been doing this with fruit and veg before now but will look to expand that.

I’m working on a better way slowly... bit by bit. 🙂

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Painny in reply to Ali_H

Excellent, my idea of life, “Do More, OWN LESS” . Consumerism is destructing the human race, human beings are becoming insatiable with possessions ! X

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I believe we should all be able to grow our own veg even if it's in pots, we got by without all these modern gadgets before, maybe we should do it again. I don't mind not using a microwave or buying pre pact veg. If I could go back to times as they were when I was a child I wouldn't hesitate, bit that's just me. Have a good day and take care of yourself 😊 Bernadette xx

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Bit late now some of us have been concerned about this for 40 plus years, we have never flown, always had small engine cars and limited our journeys, live in a rural area but go by public transport if we can, have had solar panels for 10 years, Have been involved with conservation organisations for40 plus years taking part in wildlife surveys and organising them for 15 years. have planted trees on our land and wildflowers, provided bird nesting, hedgehog and bat boxes.

Governments have known about this crisis for the same period we have there's a 70% reduction in British wildlife, several species are extinct or nearly extinct in Britain many others are much reduced.

Yet the Tories take millions in donations from the polluting industries and Trump denies climate change is happening. All this is happening on a world scale yet all Bo Bo the clown can do is go on about Brexit and wave a blue passport about.

By the way one of the predictions about climate change is that there will be new disease's and they will be more severe, you have been warned.

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RoadRunner44 in reply to JimGlanDwr

So pleased to meet you Jim. I belong to a sustainability group in the village where I live. You have put into words all the things our group are trying to promote. It's heart warming to meet you and to learn some of the ways you practise sustainability. We can all make a difference an d hopefully, this crisis will demonstrate how we are all inter dependent on one another There is still time to evaluate and reflect on our current ways of living. It is never too late to try and make a difference. You are setting an example to us all.

Best wishes,


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JimGlanDwr in reply to RoadRunner44

Keep on keeping on comrade

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Bee-bop in reply to JimGlanDwr

Hi JimGlanDwr,

Better late than never wouldn't you say? People changing their behaviours to benefit us all is fantastic! There's much more choice for people to make their more ethical decisions in 2020.

For me I am very happy that I have recycling bins on my doorstep, paper straws have come back, people are using re usable bags, these simple differences I never thought I would see in my life time.

I have been recycling etc for 32 years and the fact it has been made easier for everyone to do this now, inspires me.

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Which is great and commendable for those who can afford land and are not existing in a 1 bedroom bedsit (fortunately I’m not in the later but my heart goes out to those who are). I don’t think I can blame this politician, the last dozen or the next dozen because we all know ‘the power of money’ and the strength of choosing where we spend what we have - I’ve never been a great owner or frivolous about my actions but I am going to tighten up where I can. Alas flying is a must as I have a sister and her family in New Zealand (over 12 years now and they are now NZ citizens). I looked at getting so far by train etc one year but it just wasn’t viable.

All the best


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Very good and very apt.

It's good to see reports of pollution etc going down, the earth is having a much needed break

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