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What's anyone done today

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Tonight I'll start with a weather update, damp not cold all day, my sister lives 7 miles away and has had thunder & lightning for the last hour, very dark here but no thunder yet.

Haven't done much due to the weather, just a bit of shredding and watching TV. I've heard from work and reopening is from 1 August but no actual date yet for me to go back

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I did not do much today. This morning I made a list of campsites to visit next summer. This afternoon I picked up my mail and I then walked up and down five sets of steps too for exercise. No plans for this evening however. I am chilling tonight with some nice strong wine researching local primary schools.

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That will be nice for next summer having a camp holiday to look forward to!

Thats great getting some idea of when work will be reopening!

Today I have been on future learn, changed the bed sheets, put them into wash and had a humid walk out at lunchtime and watched collateral with Tom Cruise in it.

Hi Jennymary

It was very damp here this morning/early afternoon and thick fog but it's lovely now.

Glad you've got more shredding done and that you are now waiting for a date to go back to work.

I was on the computer this morning, made some peanut and coconut bars, didn't like them much so won't make again and went out for a walk around 15:45 when the weather had cleared up.

Have a lovely evening.

Alicia xx😊

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It’s the same here. Very rainy this afternoon. I went to the animal sanctuary to donate some things which was great. It was good to see the animals. Was going to go for a walk but haven’t got round to it.

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Hi Jennymary, that is good news about your work. I spent the afternoon in my daughters as my granddaughter was 5 today. There was a few close family members and it was a really nice afternoon. She had the most fabulous birthday cake and no one to give it to really. I have just been relaxing this evening after a bust two day. Hope you are having a pleasant evening. 😊🌸

Hi Jennymary, It was a bit of a gloomy day yesterday wasn't it, and not a great one to plan to go out, so it's good you were fully occupied at home.

I was out, visiting my daughter and family about 60 miles away but it was a wet journey and we were delayed until quite late last night before we felt we wanted to use the motorway to get home.

But had a lovely day catching up, and a lovely evening meal cooked by my daughter and no washing up! 😀

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My birthday

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Jennymary in reply to summer32A

Birthday wishes from me, did you do anything enjoyable for your birthday, hope you had a lovely cake 🍰🍰😊🌈❤️

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summer32A in reply to Jennymary

I had an outdoor Sunday lunch at my local pub x

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I haven't bothered to get dressed today but thats not unusual for me.

I clipped a few dead rose twigs off a rose bush that an ex bought for my daughter. She didnt want it when they split up so I planted it in my garden where its thrived, small white flowers year on year.

Had an ordered ready cooked meal from a local Bistro for dinner so no cooking for my son to do. Local paper crossword to finish and that makes my day.

I keep hoping Wales will unlock its doors so my daughter can come and visit us in England. I haven't seen her or my grandchildren since the new year, I've missed them so much.

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