I'm Posting here, with slight Irony - Positive Wellbein...

Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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I'm Posting here, with slight Irony


Time 11:25 Pm, location my flat in Clacton, in the Shower room. No Towels.....there STILL on the Line! Time 11:30 Pm, location our Communal Outside Garden unpegging my TOWELS!! I didn't even swear, how about that......What a Burke.

Yes I left the towels out, most of the day. So now they are drying, on the Clothes Horse- where I could have put then earlier.....Hey Ho!

Believe it, or not (probably not), I 'Really Do' get Things Right sometimes....Honestly!

I hope that this has both 'struck a cord' and 'Raised a smile', how does that phrase go 'Oh dear, Oh dear, oh dear!'


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