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A pleasant Hour, with my Neighbour.

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Dear All,

I 'popped out', about Nine, to see if any of my Neighbours were about. Answer not really, except Matt had is Patio Door open, so I wandered along and knocked. Matt came to the Door "Oh hello 'mate', I haven't seem You in ages". I sat outside, on the chair opposite, as he had a cigarette- I used to smoke, and I'm NOT a Hypocrite. Afterwards, mainly because it started raining, he invited me In. A Very pleasant ensued, for about a hour.

Matt is a 'Kindly', and pleasant, sort of man and we 'clicked' as soon as we met. We discussed, one of our other neighbours, John, who died, about a year back now. We both agrred that we 'missed' him, again a 'good sort'. John was on Hemo-Dialysis, something that I know 'all about'- I was for four years, prior to my Transplant in July 2013.

It's always good, to Cach up, with friends and neighbours.


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Sounds a lovely evening

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It sounds like your evening went very well AndrewT. It's nice having good neighbors on the door step. 😊

It sounds like you had a great time visiting with your neighbors.😀👍🌈

A really good evening for you AndrewT! Nice and sociable. You can't beat a good chinwag with someone you get on well with! 👍

It's nice to have a good catch up with one of your neighbours. Pleased you had a nice time :)

All got yesterday from my neighbours was a complaint blaming me for our nettles being in there garden!

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AndrewT in reply to HamishBoxer

Send them a Recipe, for Nettle Soup😀.....


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HamishBoxer in reply to AndrewT

great idea!

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hypercat54 in reply to AndrewT

That would be a stinging reply!

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AndrewT in reply to hypercat54


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hypercat54 in reply to AndrewT

Oh put a dock in it 😁😁 x

in reply to AndrewT

I make pesto from nettles. Nice anti-inflammatory.

I'm sure that Matt would been pleased that you knocked and would have enjoyed your company. Little things mean a lot at strange times such as these. Having kind and friendly neighbours is a blessing. I am blessed too. I hope you have a good day. Take care, keep safe.

There's nothing to replace human contact. Your little get together probably did a great deal vor your well being.


That's really good Andrew, it kind of lifts your spirits doesn't it. x

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