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A Riddle, just for fun


Today, at one of the Clubs, that I attend we had a 'Creative Writing' session. I wrote a Riddle, that I will now Post here.

My first is in 'rain' but NOT in 'slain'

My second is in 'ibex' but NOT in'rolex'

My third is in 'deaf' but NOT in 'leaf'

My fourth is in 'deal' but NOT in 'real'

My fifth is in 'lead' and ALSO in 'lift'

My sixth is in 'egg' but NOT in 'pig'

My whole is something you must solve. What an I?

This is actually, far easier, to solve than it first appears. When you solve it you will see why. Anyway Everyone, get your Brain Boxes' out, and let me know how long it took you. (It took me about fifteen minutes to write this but then it IS 'based' on one I read somewhere.

Anyway see how you Get On.


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I think that was a very good "RIDDLE"!!!

Less than it took you to write it!

AndrewT in reply to PMRPete

Yes, well done Pete. I will write more soon however, at the moment, our 'Collective Brain-Boxes' are writing a play. Maybe you could write one, for us (me?).

Enjoy the Weekend, it's supposed to be Set Fair.


easier to solve that to write

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