Christmas Past!!!

Right enough of this sadness and misery!!! Let's have a think about our happy Christmas memories!!! Ok so some of you have had rotten childhoods but maybe a happy memory in there somewhere!!! Favourite Christmas present? Favourite food? Favourite tv programme? Favourite anything!!!!

We had a pillowcase at the end of our beds!! We had 6 presents each. (There were 6 of us)I always got a little sweet shop, paper bags and scales to weigh the sweets on. And the best of all was getting a little plastic till with plastic money!!! So I could pretend I was a propper shop keeper!!! Always got a twinkle annual and some kind of knitting kit or little crafting set!! And may I say Happy Christmas to You all and here's to a much better 2017 to everyone. Love and best wishes everyone 🌲❤️️🎈😇🙏🏻

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  • Seasons Greetings to you all :)

  • Just seen this Angep,

    my childhood was crap in all ways


    PTSD,DP etc

    We never had Xmas


    You can choose to make happy memories

    Every day

    Something to remember that was good,enjoyable, pleasent even

    And choose to focus on those good aspects more than the others

    Happier ever after!

  • Oh how awful for you!! But I take my hat off to you that you can say that considering what you've been through.i really hope you have some really lovely things happen this year x

  • just read this, good advice

    Watch your thoughts, they become words.

    Watch your words, they become actions.

    Watch your actions, they become habits.

    Watch your habits, they become your character.

    Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

  • I certainly think if you start your day on a negative it just goes from bad to worse!! I try really hard not to do that. I saw an interesting post on you tube where a young man was taught a technique at his CBT soon as you have a negative thought ask yourself this! IS THIS USEFULL? I usually answer no!! So that really does help me x

  • I agree totally with every word x

  • I've been blocked from posting too on all HU sites

    Not to worry

    I'm now out n about every day

    Instead of glued to the laptop

    Thanks to AOD admin

    Best wishes Angep x

  • Found the mindful way of observing neg. thoughts,feelings really helpful too ie

    Stop buying into the negative thoughts/feelings

    Stop showering it with my belief

    Stop finding identity in it

    Stop defending it

    Stop fueling it

    And staying in an space of relaxed awareness,observationof the negative thoughts/feelings

    This from 'Little Buddha'

    It's a great inspirational site.

  • Yes I go to meditation classes, it's a great experience.i went today. I have a one to one sometimes and I value that time just for me!! In the madness of life that's a little bit of heaven for me!! The quietness of your mind is something to a blessing in disguise!! Being banned !! You've found your feet again and doing stuff!! That's lovely 😀