I feel lost

This is completely stupid of me but I felt the need to say this because I need honest opinions..

So basically I've always been a girl that wears glasses and have been for years I decided to change things by starting to wear contacts so I guess people see my face differently now that the shadow of wearing glasses isn't there anymore. So recently I found out that a guy from my school likes me note: I don't like him though , and I feel like wearing my glasses sometimes but I want to leave contacts in cause I guess I don't want him to see me as I was before.. Like i said it sounds stupid but it quite bothers me.

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  • Yes, I believe you are lost.

  • I'm sorry but was that meant to help.

  • I guess I didn't get it. Sorry

  • What year are you in at school?

  • Well I'm from England so its Year 11 which is the final year of high school.

  • As you mature you will realise that the one for you will not care whether you wear glasses or not, in fact probably will not even notice. They will be the ones you can be yourself with. Promise.

  • Dear BlackLotus,

    Yes you MIGHT be 'in the wrong place' but that doesn't mean that we or, at least I, won't try to be of some help. I can quite understand that you feel a bit 'venerable', right now, and that this this person is making it worse. For this is, almost certainly, what is happening. Unconsciously, if not consciously, you are feeling 'exposed' because you are 'missing something'. That 'something ' is the glasses that you have worm for many years (all your life?) What I am suggesting, to you, is that that alone is enough to make you feel somewhat insecure. This man, no matter how well intentioned he may be, is making these feeling worse.

    I am 'at pains' to know quite what to suggest to you BlackLotus. Can you 'talk' to this man or, maybe, to one of his friends/a 'mutual friend'? Sorry but this is the best that I can suggest-hopeless, aren't I?

    I send you my best wishes for you new, glasses free, life. Please will you let us know how you 'get on'?

    Kind regards


  • Don't worry be happy move on. It will all sort itself out.