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I walked out on job as didn't feel safe😭

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I was going to take a child who has asthmah so couldn't wear mask a hour and quarter journey, I got in the car the driver had no mask I he said he has slight asthma? I said I'll need the window open at my said we set off my anxiety building up, after ten minutes he said you can't have window open on motor way I said I wish I hadn't said I'd do the job it's not safe been in a confined space for more than fifteen minutes with no ventilation he said the virus will be with us for long time we just have to get used to it I said my mam's over 8o with heart condition she won't shake it off like you may it will kill her it's very serious I said I don't want to do the job he said I'll ring the manager I said I can get out now it's not a problem he then said he could wear the mask but finds it hard to drive , I got out on verge of tears I walked home and rang my mam. It's idiots and selfish people like him that are spreading the virus

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If he is a licenced cab driver, he should have been wearing a mask, or not driving..... you could have ask to see his ID card, although it should be displayed in the cab, or make a note of his cab licence plate on back of vehicle and report himm to local council licence office..... I was a cab driver!

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Hi it wasnt a cab it was a driver from the council I was told by my boss he isn't a regular driver but has done some driving for us before and that he is up on health and safety as he's a fireman!!!well that's a high risk job I would have thought one would have a risk taking personality to be in high risk jobs with respect to fire fighters who have a passion about there job and saving life's🤔

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Happy birthday Don I found out from Jerry's post it's your birthday my mam is 81 today too I have also just found out of your recent bereavement you have my sympathy I understand with recently loosing my father didn't quite make his 84th would have been last week. I hope you will have a good day today with something nice to do from Mandy and pixiebob cat 🐆🌄

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Thank you Mandy and pixiebob, happy birthday to mam 😘

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The medics tell me I still have asthma, and I have heart failure, vascular cognitive impairment, bradycardia, cerebal hypoxia, hypotension etc. - so I would not think I would be safe driving with a face mask.

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Hi he said he had a very slight asthma and would put it on but find it hard to drive after I'd said it's not a problem I'll get out the car how can he work as a fireman with asthma a lot just say they have it

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You have done the right thing Curly, if you don’t feel safe in a situation it’s best to remove yourself from it, which you did. People should not be putting others at risk. I hope you can put this behind you and try to have a relaxing afternoon. 🌸🌷

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Thank you I feel relieved now and safe 🤗🛌I will sleep well tonight not worrying about going to work on a risky job and pixie won't have his seperation anxiety anymore 😺

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Hi Curly. I really think you did the right thing, the driver should have been wearing a mask. If people continue to adopt the attitude of "the virus will be with us for a long time, we just have to get used to it" then we will never be free of it. Well done to you. x

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Perhaps we do need to get used to it but there's no excuse for not taking precautions like wearing masks if you can do so safely.

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Thank you 🤗x

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Thank you x🤗

Where there's no sense there's no feeling either!

You did the right thing to walk out if you felt uncomfortable.

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He has to wear a mask now it’s law

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That's what I thought he reckons has very slight asthma but I don't believe it his attitude was mysogynistic

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My dad is a taxi driver and has conditions you have to wear one

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Well done for doing the right thing. He should have worn a mask. There is no excuse, A lot of us feel anxious wearing them but we have to manage for everyones wellbeing,


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Thank you

Hi Jerry thanks so much for your support I do feel a lot better and we are both relieved i gave pixie a big hug when I got back well he's had a few today and I keep telling him and mam were safe now and she keeps saying it too, we both had a bad feeling about me going this morning I woke up early and it was bad enough going on a long motorway with my fear of them. On a different note mam has just given me to test some split pea curry and lentils withgary masala curry powder mixed spice turmeric. So all is well 😁😺

Hi Curly1_,

as the wife of someone who is nightly putting his head in the lion's mouth working in our local university, I feel for you. He's forced to do it for financial reasons, but that doesn't mean we aren't both really scared given the current situation regarding university outbreaks.

I think you were right to listen to your inner self and terminate the journey. The best way to avoid getting covid is to avoid situations where it's likely you could get it, and obviously this instance is one of those, as you cannot be socially distanced in a taxi. I also think your taxi driver was rude and uncaring, and don't forget you have that option to report on his behaviour to your licensing department within your local council. (Usually done by online form at its website).

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Hello thank you my boss told me he isn't one of there regular drivers he wasn't in a taxi I don't where they dragged him in from she said he has done a few jobs for us I work for the council, I've told my boss I won't be doing any work for them until after half term unless there is positive news on the virus, she replied saying no problem thank you for your valued work. my mam is 81 with heart condition I worked 2 weeks in a taxi short runs with a very safety anxious driver who quick last week, and the same child, as I was covering someone been off apparently there's a shortage of passenger assistants now, I feel for you and your husband and hope you both stay safe🙏

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