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Could she be suffering with PND

My daughter in law gave birth to a healthy lively baby seven months ago. Things appeared fine until about 2 months ago, when there was a family argument - basically something over nothing and the person who caused it should have known better. h'owever she cannot seem to get past this and is obsessive about this to the extent that it is now effecting her relationship with the baby's father. She has extreme mood swings and has recenlty turned violent on him. He has tried to passify her, but she seems to be paranoid to the point that when he suggested her taking advise from a doctor she accused him of calling her mental. He wants whats best for her, she has recenlty come off the pill as it was causing problems for her. she is s very good mother to her son, but at this point in time she has problems with relationships with people unless they completely agree with her.

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Does she have a close friend she could talk to? If so, maybe get in contact with them, voice your concerns and ask if they would have a chat with her to see how she is feeling?

It's very common to feel attacked if someone mentions the Doctor.

Without knowing the extent of the situation, it is hard me to really comment... It may be PNI or it maybe to do with the severity of the fall out / what it was about etc.

Nat x


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