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Am I overreacting!

My daughter is 2.5 years old. I never reacted the way I thought to motherhood, and have been stressed and suffering from anxiety ever since she started with colic at about 2 weeks. I have been to 2 councillors, the doctor on a number of occasions and even a hypnotherapist. I have totally lost my get-up-and-go and have fallen into a pattern of making excuses not to go to work and stay at home doing nothing. Is it too late to go back to the doctors and demand to be taken more seriously?! Can this still be postnatal depression or do I just need to "snap out of it"?!

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Dear Violetsviolet

Well I do not think yo are overreacting at all. If you have had other children you will know how you would usually feel and know this time it is not 'right'.

I do not believe there is a place for 'snap out of it' with this. If it does not feel right, then it is not right and if you could have just snapped out of it, then you would have.

But even if this is your first you will know you are not feeling OK. Having a baby does of course make big changes in your life, but unless you have PNI usually not anything that makes you so stressed and anxious that you do not enjoy your baby and your life and of course you know yourself better than anyone and you know what levels of stress and anxiety are 'normal' for you.

Either way if you have felt like this since the birth or withing a year then it is something that should be taken seriously.

Sadly although more are learning that PNI/PND can go on for much longer than 12 months, there are still some medical professionals that think it only lasts 12 months tops even untreated.

I had PNI for 3 years badly and it took 5 years to feel like my old self again.

However, as I said, you know yourself well and if things are not feeling right for you I think that it is not too late to go back to the doctors and ask that they take it more seriously.

Have they ever suggested medication as well as counselling and hypnotherapy?

Not all want to go down the medication route, as it is personal choice up to a point but many have found it does help. Of course it is not a cure, but the good news is PNI is for most 'self limiting' and medication can really help you to get back on track and lower anxiety etc so you can begin to enjoy being a mum and your life again.

You are also very welcome to use our own forum at pni.org.uk - click Our Forum at the top of go direct to pniorguk.proboards.com/ .

However I would say also go back to your doctor.

Please of course keep us updated here if you want to.

All the best



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