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The past few weeks have blended into what seems a few days

Havent blogged in a while for a few reasons. After reading me past blogs i realised i was illerthan i thought so went to the drs. They started me on amitripoline. So have beem a bit fuzzy. My children have both had conjunctivitus my baby has a ear onfection and his reflux is bad amd my daughter has glue ear, its xmas and the babys first birthday on a few days and i have so much to do...

My daughter wante a story read so i will cqrry this blog on at a later time. Still struggling and atill feeling unable to cope. But will write .ore detail in a bit.


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Wow, that's a lot going on for you at the minute. Try not to be superwoman, ask for help and only do what's is necessary. Keep writing x


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