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Back and nick paid


I’m experiencing severe back and nick pain for four years. Three MRI result came back normal. This is Stopped me doing my daily routine as mother of four kids also the pain going down to my legs some time my arms also my brain feel so hot like Fire 🔥 inside. which is making me not walk properly and on crutches. Laying down on my back 24/7 a week. To make the pain easy I have to do this otherwise I’ll be in so much pain. By moving around also make the pain worst . Before the pain go worst to stop me doing my thing l used to go to gym to do sauna steam classes and some exercise but I found that doing exercise making my back worst and this is Impacting me and my family a lot also is impacting my mental illnesses. I’m frustrating Confuse depress Worried Now I don’t know what to do. Can I get some answers and help please?

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