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Have I got PNI?

I had my baby girl nearly 9 months ago now, I only found out I was pregnant when I was 7 months so as you can imagine it was a total surprise. In the last few months me & my partner have been going through a rough patch, he always been a bit controlling and specific but of late it seems he picks at everything I do & it seems to be wrong. My a lot of my friends have decide to cut me off as I don't want to spend nights away with my child just yet. I have been crying at everything, constantly tired, angry, irritable, low self-esteem and even thought if my baby girl would be better off with without me here, however I have an excellent bond my with baby girl & would never or ever thought of harming her at all.

Advice would be really appreciated

Thank you xx

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Hi Krj16

Im new to this site. But just wanted to add a little note :)

What a shock it must of been to you. I cant imagine how you would of felt. I am very happy to hear that you have a good bond with your little girl as thats greay. In my experienxe of PND I struggle to bond with my son and find that affects other things going on in my life. I definetly think there maybe an issue there with you feeling down and angry.

Hope you can get some help



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