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Dizzy Lightheaded Overwhelmed Feeling Spaced Out after birth

Hey, I hope someone can help me, I am 10 months post partum and have been feeling off balance, dizzy, lightheaded from time to time, as I can not focus. I work at a Doctor's office and can not focus at times or I go into tunnel vision. I have stopped driving for 8 months and when I try I do not get far. I used to love to drive. I can not go out on my own. I have 2 under 2 and after my first pregnancy, I was back to normal. After my second, I had a gallbladder attack several times, last time I was given Haladol through IV by ER doctor to help with pain but instead knocked me out. I was not told at the time what Haladol was. My primary care does not understand why they would give me Haladol either when I was having a full blown gall bladder attack. 2 weeks after that incident, I began to have migranes where I lost my peripheal vision at work. Shortly after, I went to Ikea on a weekend and was unable to follow anything or anyone, I could not focus I was spaced out. Migranes became worse and symptoms worsen, I felt dizzy. MRI was normal. Labs normal. Got gallbladder removed. I need to work and need to take care of my children but feel debilitated. Can someone help?

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Hey! Welcome! I'm so sorry you are feeling so awful! It must be so hard trying to manage all of that whilst trying to be a mum and also working! Have you had tests for your eyesight etc to rule out any issues there?

I never personally experienced it but I know Perinatal mental illness can manifest itself as physical symptoms if all other medical tests have ruled out a problem. Have you experienced any emotional difficulties in your pregnancies or postnatally? X


I have had a vision exam a few months ago but no issues, they did send me to neurologist but have not yet gone to see one. Iron is low but hemoglobin level is normal. Vitamin D is low but on vitamin D. MRI normal. I did have a rocky post partum, with my gallbladder attacks and financial issues. I am the sole provider in my family.


I would definitely see the neurologist, for nothing else just to rule that out as an option. Has the doctor put you on any iron tablets? Low iron can cause all sorts of symptoms and can also make you feel low and tired so I would say it would be helpful for you to speak to the doctor about some iron supplements to help boost those! I had low iron after childbirth and was put on some iron tablets which really helped make me feel better physically!

Could you speak to the gp about a potential referral to a psychologist specialising in perinatal mental illness as it would be good to have their support and they can see whether they think there is a link between the two! I am the main provider in my family and it put a lot of added pressure on me so being the sole provider must make things very stressful for you. Keep venting on here as it's really awful when you are experiencing the symptoms and don't know where to turn! X


Welcome I love being a mummy!

Your story really resonates with me as my story is very similar with visual disturbances (for me something being odd with my vision) when lots of other stress going on around me.

It's really positive that you e had tests and largely are negative. I was the same. I felt horrendous with many physical symptoms and lots of outside stress .

Anxiety and stress coupled with postpartum hormones can trigger this physical response. I'm not a dr so can't give you a professional diagnosis or explanation but in my case and that of many women leads to these symptoms.

Would you consider talking therapy. Offloading, learning talking strategies , learning how to deescalate the stress can help hugely. Maybe trying to get in some exercise gets those endorphins going and give you a huge boost. Finding a little time just to relax is supremely important as I imagine like me you've probably largely lost the ability to do that!

As Leanne says keep talking x


How are you doing?


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