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Feeling Better

Hi All

Just a quick hello and to say that it is a beautiful sunny day in Kent!!

Went to Doctors on Thursday and found out that I had a Bacterial Infection hence feeling so unwell still now on Antibiotics so they are now kicking in. My blood results had shown an improvement and that the increased pains in joints were due to the bacterial infection. Night sweats have slowly been getting better as well? I won't have to go back to the Doctors for another 2 weeks unless I still feel unwell or if the Bacterial infection hasn't cleared up!

It is so nice being able to share these with others as I was beginning to think that I was a hypochondriac and that I was going through the Menopause!!

I really feel positive about things now, but know it is going to be a long process and that my Diabetics is going to be hard to control until the PMR has settled down, but for now I am on 15mg a day.

Take Care All and have a fantastic weekend


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Yikes on the infection but so glad to hear you are starting to feel better.


Hi Rosabud. I'm also in Kent and hasn't the sunshine been wonderful, it makes you feel so much better. I have also had a bacterial infection and have just finished my 3rd course of antibiotics, but this week-end like you I feel so much better. Yesterday I went for my first long cycle ride in three months. Went to Rochester and sat in the Cathedral gardens for lunch - in the sun!! Bliss. Enjoy the rest of the week-end.

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So glad feeling better .


Thought I'd add myself to the sunshine in Kent list.

Took a little walk this morning, even though having a bad day. Have been pottering in the garden, tried to pot up a plant and just about managed it!

So there you are, the sun draws us outside however we're feeling.

Hope I can manage the weekened in France I've planned for end of June.

Best wishes to all.



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