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PMR June 2012. Diagnosed Macular Telengieatesia

Started Steroids June 12 at 40mg. Now down to 8mg (doing it in half mg now) feel great except for eyesight very blurred in right eye. Optician diagnosed cataract recomended GP to make hospital appointment. At the hospital although I do have cataract. The position of the cataract should not impair my vision. Upon further investigation it was found that I had Macular Telengieatesia. Now being referred to another hospital department. I am 68 yrs old Is this caused by my PMR or just an age thing?

Regards Fressia

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Hello Fressia

I've never heard of Macular Telengiectasia, so I have looked it up and it does appear to be quite uncommon with very little known about it.

I was at an appointment with my ophthalmologist about my high eye pressures recently and I raised the subject of Lutein with him. He said Lutein is generally recommended for Macular Degeneration, and I wondered whether this might be of any help to you and whether you could query it at your next appointment.

Perhaps the RNIB could give help with more information - I found them very helpful when my son had a stroke last year which affected his peripheral vision.

I do hope you will be able to have treatment to improve the blurred vision.


Dear Celtic

Thank you so much for your reply. Brilliant idea suggesting I contact RNIB. This is a perfect example of why this PMRGCA web site is so good.

Still awaiting confirmation of my next hospital appointment (systems changed). Hospital doctor (cataract clinic) said as he was referring me to the macular clinic if I had not received an appointment within two weeks was advised to go back to GP who would make appointment for me. Oh! dear! Systems are put in place....are they really there to help the patient. I will let you know how I get on.

Regards Fressia


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