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New clinical trial planned in Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA)

Pharma company Roche are planning a clinical trial of tocilizumab (TCZ) with GCA to start in a few months time. TCZ has been trialled with success in the treatment of RA (rheumatoid arthritis). The objective of the GCA trial is to gather data on whether using TCZ alongside pred can enable the patient to taper the pred dose more quickly, and take fewer steroids over the course of their illness. They will be seeking to recruit people over 50 with GCA which is 'active' and who would be willing to undergo weekly injections for at least a year. Interested? Drop us an email!

We wish to emphasise that in putting this information into the public domain, PMRGCAuk are not endorsing the product or the company concerned. We simply wish to carry out one of our charitable objectives which is to encourage research into the causes and treatment of PMR and GCA.

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Hi Kate,

It's good to know that Roche is taking an interest in GCA. You never know, it might spur other drug companies to research new drugs which could help fight PMR/GCA. Pred and co have so many potential side effects that I wish sometimes that I had never taken any of them - as you can probably tell, I'm having quite a few withdrawal symptoms at the mo and ' and feelin right sorry fo me sen'. (Broad Yorkshire - I'm suffering!)



Good Morning, Has anyone heard how this study on TCZ is progressing or had recent treatment? My Rheumy wants me to start infusions as nothing else has worked to reduce the Pred and I am having severe side effects. I was diagnosed with PMR/GCA back in 2013 and it's just been a roller coaster since. I'm basically right back where I started from and have already lost partial vision in one eye. Thanks for any response!


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