Second Anniversary. Whoopee!!!

It’s certainly not something to celebrate, but I just wanted to mark the fact that it’s two years since I was diagnosed with PMR. Without wishing to sound like a contestant on a reality show, I have to say that those 2 years have seen me make quite a journey. From being so stiff I could barely move, yet not wishing to begin taking the steroids for fear of the side effects, to jumping around like a linty a few hours after taking the first dose and being released from the pain. I have reduced the dosage from 30mg to 4mg daily, but not without setbacks and flare-ups along the way. I have had to learn that being bloody-minded and refusing to give in to the pain is not always the best way to go, but to capitulate and rest now and then is sensible and not a sign of weakness. I can still go to the gym but now I go to keep myself moving with gentle exercise only. No more “feeling the burn” for me these days! I check in to this website quite often and have been helped and reassured by some of the advice and shared experiences of this dratted condition on offer. I feel lucky that I am not as badly affected as some, and also that I seem to have a good GP who works with me to manage this thing as best we can. Two years ago I thought my life was totally blighted by the effects of PMR. Today I realise that I can still do most things, I just have to spread them out a little more, do them more slowly or be willing to stop and take a break more often. I have my fingers crossed that there won’t be a 3rd anniversary, but only time will tell. Thanks to everyone who shares on this site. It really does help.

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  • Ah, what an inspiring post!

  • Well said Mollymandy, a very wise person!! And just think, if you hadn't had PMR you wouldn't have met all these lovely people :-)

  • Mollymandy

    "I have my fingers crossed that there won’t be a 3rd anniversary"

    And I'll cross mine for you too! With that great positivity, I would have thought you're well on the way. Well done!

  • thanks folks I believe that I am being told to come down in steroids far too quickly and so I have to take control and do what my body tells me and take the drop slower than my GP says

    because I can see that my inflammation is rising again and I feel very poorly as all suffers know first thing in the morning is diabolical

    anyway onwards and upwards we must keep positive at all costs and be in control that is the only way I can deal with this nasty illness..

  • I am so glad that you are moving right along with your PMR. I also find that I am much better when I am working out. I also started out at about 24 mg of Pred. last January and within a month got down to 12mg a day. I have been down to 4mg for 5 months, but stiff. I am always interested in finding out when others talk about their inflammation levels to find out what they actually are. I started at 78 and am now at 14! What about you guys??

  • Thank you for your kind words all. I have never been called wise before. For a few minutes I felt like a cross between The Dalai Lama and Yoda! I am currently experiencing some stiffness in the hips and shoulders after dropping from 4.5mg to 4mg. I can live with it so will persevere and hope it subsides eventually. Am seeing my GP next week so will see what my ESR levels are like then. Fingers crossed!

  • Well done for feeling better for 2 years now. That really is something to celebrate. Don’t feel bad because other people may be worse off than you. They would be happy and share your joy to see that you’re doing so well. You should choose one of these and record it in your diary or on your calendar as a keepsake. Well done and I hope your health remains in top form.

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