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Swollen stomach?

Hi, I've had PMR for four and a half years now and have been on steriods for nearly two years. I am reducing my dosage by half a mg every month as reducing by 1mg seems a step too far, I am down to 4.5mg and not feeling too bad pain wise but have just had a problem start and wondered if anyone else had experienced this. Two weeks ago, my stomach became very bloated and I feel full all the time. Would this be anything to do with steriods? I have been to see the doctor and am having an ultrasound scan next week, but very worried. Just as a background, I had a hysterectomy two and a half years ago with a very large fibroid removed, so that rules that out (I think), unless they come back!! Any advice would be appreciated.

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I wonder if you have moved from enteric coated pred to the uncoated variety? The 1mg pills only come in the uncoated form. My stomach can cope with the enteric coated ones but reacted badly to 4.5 made up of 2.5 coated and 2 x 1mg uncoated - wind, nasty stuff coming back into my mouth, off my food, slight stomach ache. Going back up to 5mg(coated) and some antacid for a few days put a stop to this. To reduce to 4.5, I then went to a three day rotation of 5/5/3.5 which only meant 1mg uncoated every three days. On the advice of this support group I also beefed up my breakfast and lunch to include a lot of wholemeal bread which I found a struggle but it worked. After 2 weeks at that dose I reduced to 5/5/2.5(all coated) and have been there for 5 weeks. I've just seen my GP who says that the latest blood test is fine and to reduce again. She suggests 5/2.5/2.5 but I think I will go more slowly and try a rotation of 5/2.5 to start with.

Hope you feel better soon.



Pat, thank you so much for this info, it didn't even cross my mind about the tablets. I not sure whether this could the problem as I changed to all uncoated quite a while ago but I will definitely discuss this with the doctor when I go for the scan results. I didn't realise until a couple of days ago that they are trying to supply all uncoated due to pressure from the PCT as they are so much cheaper, obviously not good if it messes our systems up! Thank you once again for your help, scan's on Tuesday, fingers crossed, it's nothing sinister.


Good luck with the scan, Eileen. Keep us posted on your progress.


Hi Pat, just to let you know that my swollen stomach is a Spigelian Hernia so nothing really to worry about. Thank you for your advise and your concern.


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