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On November 3rd I had a bit of dental treatment and the surgery smelled really good so I walked over to the diffuser and sniffed in.... I have been feeling crap with this Sinusitis ever since....Mmmmmm


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Mention it to your GP later - you better write a list! Has Liz done your Test yet?

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davidcantswim in reply to MrsNails

Just and I'm negative :)

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MrsNails in reply to davidcantswim

Good - that’s one off the list ✅

Hope that diffuser hadn’t set off an allergy 🙏🏼

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Hi davidcantswim,

Just to say that my husband used to really suffer with repeated episodes of very unpleasant sinusitis. It would make him feel very unwell and very uncomfortable and he eventually was referred to a specialist.

We discovered that several specific things would trigger an attack and one of these was most definitely reed diffusers. Other things included scented candles, some fresh flowers - but particularly lilies and animal fur.

Hope things are improving now.

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thank you. This was most unpleasant and the worst seems to be over. Joy! I can’t stand lilies either. I love cats and try to avoid them. Thanks. D

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I don't know what they put in some diffusing oils but it is evil. Makes me queasy and gives me headaches; similarly a friend of mine. Usually only lasts a few hours though.

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Karenjaninaz in reply to Viveka

Pulmonologist said avoid any oils - lungs cannot handle oils.

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A lot of smells trigger my sinusitis. The worst are lilies, can't have them in the house, and wisteria which give me blinding headaches, which is unfortunate as we have one covering one wall of our house so I have to start taking antihistamines in March and carry on until well into September. I'd never go near a scented candle. So you're not alone. Just make sure you never run out of antihistamines. Good luck.

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I have to cross the road if a shop selling artificial scents and candles and "stuff" has its door open!

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Me too 🤷‍♀️ I love cats but am allergic to their fur; can’t have lilies in the house; can’t deal with scented candles etc. A pity but it seems there are a lot of us……x

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