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Shooting pain, front , inner thigh, hip,

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Well had physio appt this afternoon, been in pain, and hardly any sleep for almost a week, chiro last week said, hip flexor problem, physio therapist said, piriformis muscle pulling on hip towards back, and all nerves attached to hip causing pain in groin etc, also, pain around sacrum, had dry needling icing, tens manual manipulation, all very painful, said had to around nerve pathways, to relieve pain, hoping all settles a bit, and get some relief, going back tomorrow if needed, can,t keep on with this pain and no sleep,

4 Replies
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Consider visiting an osteopath.

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Your pain reminds me of mine before hip replacement.

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how much prednisone are you taking?

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I have just tapered to 4 mgs now been on for about 3`4 weeks, previous on 5 mgs for couple years, starte 40 mgs 2016

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