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COVID Vaccination while taking Actemra

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I had the first Pfizer Covid vaccination four days ago and I am happy to report the only side effect was soreness at the injection site for about 24 hours. I am currently taking 2 mg Prednisone and Actemra. My Rheumatologist said it was not necessary to stop the Actemra before my vaccination. However, I will be off Actemra for 3 weeks after my vaccination as I need to stop the Actemra for my Cataract surgery. Hopefully, that will let my body generate a better immune response!

I live in Connecticut, U.S. and I was eligible for the vaccine because I am over 55.

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Good luck with your operation! 🍀

So happy you had vaccine i did not need to stop Actemra when i got mine,i was fine to.Yeah better to stop Actemra before op hope it goes well.I not had my Actemra for 2 weeks,getting roots of teeth taken out ouch,going on Thursday to get rest of it out.Take

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