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Sensitive Teeth


My teeth have become very sensitive lately. Have always had “perfect” teeth according to my dentist. I did read one study that linked prednisone use with teeth sensitivity. Anyone else experience this and able to offer suggestions? With gratitude and thanks for the information and support on this site

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Yes, horribly sensitive to warmth. On higher doses I had to eat tepid or cold food. Now on zero Pred I still have a tendency if food is very hot but not all the time. If it happens it is an intense pain that spreads to all my teeth and I just have to sit it out for a couple of minutes.

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Thanks for reply! Nice to know I’m not the only one. Other than avoiding hot ( I am affected by hot and come) did anything offer relief?

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I had sensitive teeth - but not due to pred as I wasn't on it, it was presumably the PMR. I tried all the toothpastes for sensitive teeth and only Sensodyme worked for me. I have used it ever since - should have taken out shares! My preferred version is Pronamel - mostly on the basis of the taste, I find most are quite disgusting! Someone has said their dentist suggested smearing the paste onto their teeth. You do know that you shouldn't rinse too efficiently after brushing at night to allow the toothpaste to be in contact with the enamel for as long as possible???

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I didn’t know that about rinsing at night! I’ve always used natural toothpastes but will be going to the store today for some Sensodyne. Interesting that it wasn’t related to pred but PMR. Guess I can’t blame pred for everything;-)

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Sensodyne Pronamel is great and I, too, recommend that. Sensodyne Repair and Protect left a 'film' around my teeth, lips and gums and felt like what I imagine might be liquid plastic-yuk!

My prevous dentist suggested it as a strategy to avert the need for any future fillings, but we agreed that it was best to rinse the mouth properly after brushing and then add a small amount of toothpaste with a soft brush afterwards. My current dentist only recommends this if one has any kind of tooth sensitivity.

I use Oral-B Gum and Enamel Repair toothpaste usually and Mint & Fluoride Toothpaste, Organic by Urtekram if I feel like smearing some onto my teeth in the evening.

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I wonder if longterm inflammation of any sort will interfere with calcium absorbtion.

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Inflammatory bowel disorders do - and not just calcium.

I developed sensitive teeth and gums after about a year of suffering from PMR. My dentist recommended Gengigel (Amazon have it),and it does help. There’s a mouthwash as well.

My gums can be painful when I wake up. At other times hot drinks can make it worse. Hope this is useful - haven’t heard many people mention this particular symptom, so it’s quite a comfort to know there are

other sufferers.

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Thanks for replying! It’s always helpful to know one is not alone and for the recommendation. And since Amazon is my go to for most everything these days I will look at your recommendation.

Hi there Sensitive Teeth

You might laugh but I have been rinsing my mouth with Hydrogen peroxide for years and I swear by it as I suffer with mouth ulcers - When I was a toddler the girl next door used to come in and pick me up and nurse me little did my Mum know that she had been coming home with soldiers from the dances who were home on leave from the Islands during the second world War she caught the disease off one of them and passed it onto me and the Doctor told Mum that it was a disease from the Islands. so I have had a lot of problems over the years so that is why I use Peroxide all the time as kills all infections I pour a teaspoon full into my mouth - gargle the back of my throat and then let it sit in my mouth for a few seconds and then spit it out - you don't rinse your mouth I have never had any problems all these years - my dear Mum used to used it when we were young - it is very good for all infections plus anything that that crops up on your body if it is an open sore pour a little onto the sore and it has to fizz and then you know it is working. I have rattled on enough.

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What concentration of H.Peroxide do you use?

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I have only found HP to be sold as 3% solution.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 3% BP

I don't dilute the above but you can if you find it too strong for you

maybe teaspoon of both water and Peroxide use either tank water or distilled water.

once you get used to it use to it - try the above solution and don't swallow it- just gargle.

I usually let it sit in my mouth for about 60 seconds especially under the tongue before I spit it out out. Hope it works for you as I have found it worthwhile. It won't work over night give it a couple of days so maybe worth a gargle morning and night - see how you go I do hope it works for you. I did read somewhere it doesn't agree with Amalgam fillings but I still used it - When some dentists started to take out Amalgams I had mine removed eventually .

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Thank you

My teeth have become super sensitive to cold foods in the last few months. Nothing has helped so far, I’ve tried all the Sensodyne toothpastes etc to no avail. I now leave all my salads etc out of the fridge until after dinner at night! It didn’t happen for the first 6 months on Pred , then wham!

As for hydrogen peroxide—- ( tried before sensitivity) it whitened my teeth but it took all the top layer of my gums off —- not good—- and it was a very dilute solution.

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I haven’t tried any special toothpastes or rinses yet, but am planning on it and hoping there is some change. No more ice in my water anymore!

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If my salad is too cold I put it in the microwave for a few seconds. Sounds bizarre!!!

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Oh that’s brilliant! Never thought of it! Shall do! Xxxxxxx

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Great idea ! Love it !😊

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I guess everyone is different - My Mum used it on us kids when we were young and I have used it on my boys as they were growing up so we have been very lucky I guess. Even my grandson uses it.

JMTS in reply to JMTS

I meant to mention that I have never taken prednisone so maybe it doesen't agree with peroxide.

Smokeygirl in reply to JMTS

Yes, I think that is the problem! The skin in my mouth is so thin and sensitive since Pred that anything irritates it!

I was using sensodyne for this, but on the suggestion of my dentist swapped to Colgate sensitive Pro Relief & as PMRpro suggests , smear it on the offending teeth after brushing at night. My dentist also put some paste stuff over the gums on TheVine sensitive teeth & this helped too

I still have sensitive teeth and I'm only on a 1/2 mg dose of Pred. The dentist has checked and x-rayed multiple times as it tends to affect my other teeth. Seems a PMR related symptom by the sound of it. Sensodyne helps.

Yes, same as SnazzyD - And broken teeth.

I do sympathise. I developed this particular side effect about 18 months after starting pred and after getting over some of the other more immediate side effects, like rampant hunger and chronic insomnia. My dentist did a thorough examination including x-rays and ruled out any tooth or gum problems that might have this effect and confirmed that dental sensitivity is a known side effect of taking steroids. In my case it isn't particularly triggered by hot or cold foods, simply by eating and there is definite pain rather than the nerve sensations of the more usual kind of sensitivity.

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Interesting, I have sensitivity and lingering pain. Have only been diagnosed and on pred since May but have never had any problems with my teeth before this. Thanks for sharing.

I had very sensitive teeth for both hot and cold when I was on the high doses (60mg down to maybe 20mg) of Pred for my GCA. The so called sensitive toothpastes didn't help (especially my wallet) and neither my doctor or dentist had ever heard of steroids affecting teeth sensitivity. So I struggled on and found that as the dosage of Pred came down the sensitivity went away. I am now down to 4mg and could easily crunch an ice cube without a problem.

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Thanks for responding and glad to hear that you are able to tolerate ice! The though of crunching ice right now - ouch!! I am currently on 18 mg after highest dose of 32. Have started to wonder if this could be related to GCA somehow?

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My teeth definitely became sensitive after diagnosed with GCA. Eventually I came off Pred and am on Actemra. Teeth stayed sensitive for quite a while (particularly with cold) so may not be Pred may be the disease inflammation. I use Toms sensitive toothpaste ( uncertain if you can get it in U.K.). Teeth are better now that disease seems close to remission.

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That well-known rainforest company sells it in the UK as does

I started making my own toothpaste 5 years ago, for a number of reasons, mainly due to the bad stuff they put in "shop" toothpaste and my sensitive gums. I use coconut oil, baking soda and sea salt. My mouth and teeth feel great and My dentist has been very impressed.

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That is impressive! Totally agree with avoiding the regular toothpastes! Lots of stuff we don’t need and may be harmful. May try your recipe

Fimckenz in reply to kimsaunsc

You won't regret it,I can assure you. I have got lots of my friends on it. I bought small capped reusable tubs and just make enough for a few weeks.

My GCA set off sensitivity. Sensondyne Original ( blue writing on box) is usually effective. Brush teeth and also deposit toothpaste on sensitive areas. Persist with it as it builds up resistance to sensitivity over a long period.

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Do you think it was the GCA or the prednisone that set it off? I have been wondering if this could be the beginning of GCA for me. Have been diagnosed with PMR.

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Possibly. There were a lot of sensations going on in the head area at the time. I do suffer sensitive teeth now and again so it could be a coincidence. Sensodyne Original is a very effective toothpaste.

Oh Yes. Terribly sensitive to cold food and drinks now.

kimsaunsc in reply to AussieMel

Glad to know I’m not alone!

I have had the problem since a flare up saw me o a higher dose of Preds.

Dentist could only advise me to put 'sensitive' toothpaste along the base of my gums and tops of my teeth at night. My lower front teeth are the most cold mainly. Quickly spreads to others.

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I haven’t tried the gum thing yet. Was it helpful?

Dambusters in reply to kimsaunsc

Slightly but not a cure. I also do it after lunch 🙂

Ah, mine too... The Back of the lower front ones in particular became sensitive a few weeks after starting on Prednisolone - I did wonder if it was the pred, si it probably is- unless it’s the PMR ? Oh, and I use the Arm & Hammer pro repair sensitive with calcium and it helps.

Hi kimsaunsc, I have had PMR for nearly 3 years and have been on pred for that amount of time. In recent years I have suffered from sensitive teeth when I eat warm food. I had never thought it was the condition or the medicine before. My dentist told me to smear sensitivity toothpaste on my gums. I use sensodyne sensitivity and gum. What I also find helps is swilling cold water around the area that hurts. It hurts more at first then makes the pain go away.

Thanks for bringing this up! Nor my dentist or doctor know that this is a most likely a pred. side effect - I recently asked this forum about jaw pain, but after reading all there answers I believe I do have sensitive teeth after 1 year on pred. - I am undiagnosed by the way...

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You have not been diagnosed with PMR? I found one medical paper that linked prednisone and sensitive teeth but other than that just the replies on this forum!

For which I am thankful. Thanks for sharing.

I too have had sensitive teeth. The dentist has checked them, x-rayed them and found no apparent problems. He did say that my teeth had nerves that were very close to the surface.

I use Sensodyne Pronamel it's the only one that hasn't got the surfectant that I am allergic to! Recently saw my hubby's dentist who wanted to prescribe me high flouride toothpaste to help with sensitivity but couldn't find one without sodium lauryl sulphate I allergic to. I hadn't made a connection between PMR and the sensitivity but interested to see the answers to your question x

kimsaunsc in reply to S4ndy

Thanks for responding. Has the pronamel helped you?

S4ndy in reply to kimsaunsc

Yes it does seem to. I am able to leave a bit on the teeth whereas before I could only use a tiny bit of paste on them and had to really rinse well to stop any reaction. I've discovered using a metal straw to drink cold drinks helps too.

Yes my teeth have recently become very sensitive too so I was fascinated to read that it’s not just me . I was already using a sensitive toothpaste”Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief “ which has helped until recently . I just thought it was one more weird thing happening and haven’t mentioned it to anyone . Some days are fine , other days they stay sensitive no matter what I’m going or eating or drinking and regardless of temperature . I feel even my own saliva is causing pain on the days when it’s a problem ! Sorry , I don’t have any suggestions . All I do is try and distract myself by focusing on other things .Thanks for posting though !

kimsaunsc in reply to Sollymo

It is always good to know I’m alone. Thanks for responding.

I have been on prednisone since I was diagnosed with PMR in June (PMR symptoms started in November but was told it was over use of muscles) . By August, I started having an an assortment of tooth pain including sensitivity to cold. Dentist could not find any cause for the pain. Found an article online about a small study that concluded teeth pain occurs in a percentage of people with PMR. I will try to find the study again and forward to you.

kimsaunsc in reply to Trident58

That would be helpful if you find that study. I haven’t seen anything but the one small study about prednisone and sensitive teeth. Thanks!

Yes, I only drink warm fluids now. The first time I went off prednisone it gradually disappeared but came back when I went back on it. I try to buy sensitive toothpaste. The dentist didn’t think it was linked but I am positive now. As my dose has come down, it’s improving.

kimsaunsc in reply to Kath567

Seems like some some dentists are aware and others not so much. Thinking same with Medical doctors. Thanks for responding.

My teeth got very sensitive at a high dose of prednisone. Once I got down to 9 mg it was better but then I had to go back up to 30 and back to sensitive. Fruit on the counter are too cold for me. I’m now down to 10 and still have problems with it.

kimsaunsc in reply to Dubler

I tried to eat some watermelon directly from the fridge yesterday and had to spit it out! Left it on the counter for a while and was able to tolerate. Hoping it will go away as I taper but sounds like it will be awhile.

I find using a straw when drinking cold fluids is very helpful especially since I take my medication with milk!

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Just started using a straw for my cold drinks! It helps a bit. Thanks for advice.

To join the chorus, I also developed extreme tooth sensitivity after about 18 months on steroids. Mine was to cold -- I too had to leave salads out to warm and at its worst could not even tolerate temperature water :-/ I switched to Sensodyne toothpaste, and using this the sensitivity has faded almost completely over multiple months. However, I recently had dental work and I was so uncomfortable with the water the assistant was spraying right onto my teeth continuously while the dentist drilled that he did it without the water. So it is still there a bit. I hope you find a toothpaste that helps you!

My gums started to recede when I was first on pred. Have had sensitive teeth for a long time and that hasn't really changed, BUT much less bothersome since I started to take a Vitamin K2 supplement.

Smokeygirl in reply to HeronNS

Oh wow Heron! So that is why my gums have started to recede all of a sudden! Plus the sensitivity! I had great teeth until six months ago!

HeronNS in reply to Smokeygirl

Yes. I asked my dentist if the pred could have been causing it, and he said yes.

kimsaunsc in reply to HeronNS

So K2 has helped your sensitivity?

HeronNS in reply to kimsaunsc

Apparently it has. I remember a few years ago I was doing a volunteer shift at a local museum and I had to phone home and get my husband to bring my toothpaste (Colgate for sensitive teeth) so I could use some. No episodes like that occur these days, haven't for some time. I started taking Vitamin K2 when I'd been on pred for a few months in 2015 as I had a bit of an osteoporosis scare and was detrmined not to take OP meds. The improvement in the way my teeth felt was an unexpected benefit, although I've since read that vItamin K2 does help, perhaps because of its overall benefit to bones, of which the jawbone seems particularly susceptible to changes, but I don't really know.

Just found this:

I had PMR 5 months prior to diagnosis and 25 mg pred. Teeth sensitive to hot and cold occurred after being on pred. Sensodyne toothpaste was effective for me. Now on 3 mg and teeth are back to normal. I can’t remember at what dose the sensitivity disappeared. 🌻

kimsaunsc in reply to Meggsy

Glad to know it will get better one day!

Here is a link to the U.S. Library of Medicine regarding teeth sensitivity & prednisone. It also includes comments regarding the small study I mentioned.

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