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Thoughts after recovering from C-19


Thoughts after C-19

Having had a very 'close shave' with C-19, I hope that a few observations would be of general interest.

I was very fortunate that my GP was in 'phone contact. One morning at the end of March he was concerned with my condition

by listening to my voice, so much so that he called again at lunchtime. He asked questions and decided that I needed an immediate assessment and arranged with A&E to collect me. I returned home 12 days later. My journey is still shown on iPlayer.

What have I learned from my experience ? As PMR and/or GCA sufferers we need to be extra vigilant against this fast action C-19 disease

which rapidly affects the lungs. It is vitally important to give the GP or the 111 service useful information, as fast as possible, for the initial diagnosis.

The main markers for C-19 seem to be any or all of high temperature (over 38C), persistent cough, loss of taste and smell. The important questions you will be asked extra to the general 'how are you feeling', are what is your temperature, your pulse and breaths per minute.

Everyone has a thermometer, and you should know what your own temperature is when you are feeling well. Many have basic temperatures even 1C below the 37C 'normal'. Take your pulse and the number of breaths you take per minute information before your call, as these are not easy to take when you have a phone in one hand and a watch in the other ! Additionally, you can buy a really useful inexpensive gadget (oximeter-pulse ) which gives you not only an accurate pulse but also the vital oxygen saturation figure which measures the efficiency of the lungs - the crucial organ which must be protected for survival. Of course, always useful to have recent bloods results to hand.

Be prepared and dont wait to call for help if you have even the slightest feeling of a problem.

Keep well Keep safe

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Happy to see you survived your Close Shave.

My nephew, (52) never had a cough nor lost is taste or sense of smell, he just thought he was feeling unwell and he lost weight rapidly within 7 days later. Finally they called the GP - ambulance, oxygen taken to hospital diagnosed with Pneumonia. However when they tested him (result 2 days later result Corvid. Because the paramedics had put him on oxygen even before they took him into the ambulance. Luckily, he did not require a ventilator. He has been out for 6 weeks and as they warned him take it easy. He is recovering slowly and this week to finally get back to his normal weight.

I tell you this so you take it easy.

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oxygen the free wonderdrug for C-19. Very good move by the paramedic, as 2 days oxygen sufficient response in the lungs to avoid other interventions. I mentioned the

finger gsdget for checking oxygen status. This might have speeded decision to call ambulance. So good to read pf a good recovery, wonderful. Yes, recovery is slow, very important to do the breathing exercises to keep the lungs clear and general exercises to strengthen the muscles. Hard work but must be done. Did the hospital physio give a programme? If not would be pleased to scan

the material the RoyalFree gave me and you. Best regards P

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Yes they did.............I forgot about that.

Thanks for the advice. Glad to see you got through OK. Keep well.


Thanks Petros - hope your recovery continues well and that your family is also doing well.

Thank you so much: glad you’re recovering: can I ask what dose of Pred you’re on please?

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Thanks for all messages. The pred 6mgs



I do remember you posted about keeping an eye on what your normal temp was. It must have been at the start. As I said the other day your story was very moving with all the others and I was glad when I started watching it that I knew you were home! Best wishes for your wedding anniversary next month(?)🥂

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Petros kindly gave us this link to the TV programme he was in.

Please note it is a programme about the first few weeks of covid in the UK at the Royal Free hospital and it is warts and all. So view at your discretion.

Well done! Sane and informative post, of use to us all on this forum. I hope you feel very much better after your ordeal and have a lovely, restful, serene summer.

So glad your feeling better but very scary. Thanks for advice. Being forced back to work after the government changed guidelines in regards to amount of pred you are on as considered low risk as only on 4mg.

Dear Petros, thank you for taking the time to share your experience and advice. I’m going to buy an oximeter-pulse now. I may be very glad I have - who knows. 🌷

the finger oximeter-pulse are good but don't work well on me as I have poor circulation, which some others here may have too. They usually have to Put it on my ear to get a more accurate reading...only I can't find a cheap ear one. If anyone knows of one, please let me know. They are a very good idea.

Petros, I'm so pleased to read you came thru . Edited: I just watched that video, very moving and thanks,... and still so overwhelmed and pleased you made it.

Glad to hear you are on the mend. Useful to keep reminding ourselves how bad C-19 can be if it takes a hold. Thank you for sharing x

Dear petros31,

It's now 10:30 am, I have just had Breakfast, and now this.... WONDERFUL News👍😃.

Great, that you are feeling better Petros, Good Luck for the future.


Petros, what did your temp get up to if yo can recall when you have the energy to reply? I know people in their 80's temp never usually go high enough for the average GP to notice and infection, at least my parent's never did.

Thanks for this. All good information.

We're in Panama and had our son buy and ship us an oxygen/pulse monitor. I noticed a while back that it might be have a good thing to have on hand. But as with every device associated with C-19 they were sold out on the internet!

Thank you for sharing your experience and are making a good recovery. How lucky you are.

I wish you well,and hope this is soon behind you

I watched your covid journey on iplayer with my family.. we were all touched... there are no words .. I feel humbled that with everything you have been through you take the time out of your recovery to post here in order to help others. Remarkable. That is the very essence of what it is to be human. Thank you.

Ps. I have ordered a pulse oximetre pulse gadget, thanks for the tip.

Glad you have made a good recovery. Thanks for taking time to share this. ❤️

Thank you for sharing this. I saw the tv programme at the time it originally went out and thought you had such a lovely gracious and humble manner about you. I hadn’t realised that you were 'one of us'. I wish you all the best for the future.

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