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Stress and PMR?



I’ve tapered successfully to 12.5mg (for 3 weeks so far) and I’m wondering if stress affects PMR?

I don’t ‘feel’ stressed but obviously the situation at present is quite stressful in itself. I’m getting more pain the last couple of days even though nothing physically has changed at all.

Wondering whether to not go ahead with Monday’s taper.


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Definately. Last year my husband was ill and the stress delayed my taper by a year. Since the corcnavirus started I have had to increace again. Two days ago I could not get out of bed again, so here I am back at the beginning again. As Pro always says, you need what you need.


If nothing else don't taper just yet until you know what's going on and listening to you body very carefully.

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Most definitely stress does affect PMR.

Personally I would put taper in hold for another week, or maybe two, and see what happens.

Your taper is not set in stone - it can, and very often has to be amended to cope with what life throws at us.....

..and life is throwing at lot at us at the moment!

Thanks so much - exactly the info I needed 🙂


If I had a £ for everyone who'd asked that question over the years I could go out for a very nice meal!!! And they all got the same answer: YES, a resounding yes! Some rheumies are also willing to agree it not only makes it worse but can also trigger it in the first place.

Bear in mind too that the current dose could be a tiny bit too low to clear out the inflammation every day and then it can mount up day by day. If I were you I would stick where you are and keep a very close eye on the pain level for at least a couple of weeks. It is a good rule never to reduce until you are absolutely sure the current dose is enough.

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Thanks for this 🙂

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