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Alendronic acid


Hi I have recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis due to a dexa scan result. I am starting on Alendronic Acid tomorrow morning. I know that taking Turmeric will not help with building new bones , but ive been told how good it is for lots of other things. I asked a lovely asian nurse what to take it with and she said 1 tsp in milk. I heated it up till it went very pale and frothy and it tastes lovely. I put a bit of sugar with it or can use quater tsp of Cinnamon instead.. Is it ok to do this while taking the A Acid . If im honest Im scared of taking the A Acid but i will do as the doc says. I have found a good 30 min low impact aerobic class online as well and will do my best to do it daily.

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I wouldn't take it at the same time - AA must be taken with a large glass of water on an empty stomach but otherwise I doubt there is a problem.

It's obviously fine in rats with very beneficial results:

and they found similar results in post-menopausal women


My Asian neighbour recommends it takes that way too. But milk has too much sugar in for me these days.... And possible dairy...... 🌻

Agree with pmrpro.

Just to encourage you: I’ve been taking A Acid for 6 weeks now : first thing , with a large glass of water , sitting up, nothing else for 1/2 hour . No side effects at all. Good luck!

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Thank you .just taken my first one .

I didn't take my Alendronic Acid either. It was prescribed in Dec 2019. I thought that taking the Calcium with D3 and K2 would be sufficient. However, I've decided to pay for a dexa scan as my GP wouldn't send me for one, he just aid take the tablets. If my bones prove not good then I'll just have to take it as none of us want to end up with the very painful osteoporosis disease.


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