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Can PMR come back after 3 month?

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I have been off Prednisone for 3 month after just 5 month of PMR with the help of my Homeopathic Doc. Blood tests came out negative on inflammation. I feel normal, but I am worried that maybe suddenly PMR could come back. Is that something somebody has experienced?

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Very possible if it hasn’t gone into remission of its own accord - particularly as you seem to have had a very quick journey.

But no point worrying about until/unless it resurfaces. If it’s going to happen, it will happen.

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It isn't uncommon for patients to be able to reduce to zero pred and the symptoms reappear a few months - or years - down the line. When it is a few months it is usually a case of the disease activity having been low enough to get off pred but then the inflammation builds up when it isn't being cleared out with a low dose of pred until it is enough to cause symptoms. In some people the disease burns out in under a year but they are in a minority and do seem to remain at an increased risk of it resurfacing at some point. But, as DL says - it is a bridge to cross if you get to it.

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As with many illnesses there isn’t a guarantee that it won’t come back. Nobody knows what’s round the corner. In the absence of any evidence one has to live life every day and take it as it comes.

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Please stop worrying. Stress and anxiety are a sure fire way to create the conditions for your body to start over producing the inflammatory chemicals (specifically Interleukin 6) which cause the symptoms which we label as PMR. Many of us have realised that our lifestyles or personality traits probably contributed to our developing PMR. Remember PMR is not a defined illness like congestive heart failure or cystic fibrosis. It is auto immune. The fact that your homeopathic remedy worked so well should be a light bulb moment for you because it would have been chosen to fit you and your symptoms. Have a look at the characteristics of your remedy in a Materia Medica. That should give you some insights which may involve making some changes to how you live and perceive yourself.

I say this from experience not to be critical in any way. Be kind to yourself.

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I am hoping that it is gone for good for you, it's a terrible disease. Very impressed that your homepathic doctor was able to get you that far that fast and may I ask what it is he or she put you on? I am looking for other answers as I don't want to stay on prednsione

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After several hours and two days of interviews, we decided on causticum. After just taking one small pellet I started reducing Pred. 1mg per week. I had no trouble at all and was off

them after 3 month. I did not take causticum at regular intervals, just when I felt I needed it.

5 over that time period.

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