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Alendronic acid


Morning all just found this forum which I find very interesting so just wanted to see other people’s opinions.

3 yrs ago my mum was vitamin d deficiency as was prescribed vitamin d tablets she refused to take these as she thought they were poison (due to mental health) the dr didn’t care and never did a review or another blood test etc, until we asked 3 months ago anyway 16 months ago she started with a pain in her foot which is no severe which hopefully the pain clinic can sort and over the 16 months she had lots of blood tests xrays, ct scans, mri scans everything come back normal, so I asked what are they going to do next they said a bone density scan anyway it’s come back osteoporosis and she needs to take alendronic acid but needs to go to the dentist first, I thought great not a chance she’s going to go as she had a bad experience when a teenager (half of tongue and chin numb from injection), so now it makes me think that if that the vitamin d deficiency has caused the osteoporosis x

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I think you need to speak to the doctors involved and explain the mental health problem - if she won't take vit D there is no way she will comply with the requirements for taking alendronic acid, however bad her osteoporosis is.

However - personally I would want to see the t-scores, some doctors can be a bit economical with the entire truth over results!

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Ty I will phone today for the scores, she will take it now it was 3 yrs ago when she suffered severely with mental health and touch wood she’s stable with it x

Yes, a chronically low vitamin D will cause poor bone health because it is key to getting calcium into the bones. It is a shame she was so fearful of the vitamin D because alendronic is far more tricky a medication. The dentist is required because once on Alendronic Acid dental procedures become more risky due to its side effects.

This site is a useful source of information for all things bones and the medications used and you may get specific support or advice here.

This site is for those with PMR and GCA and not all of us have osteoporosis but are at risk due to taking high doses of steroids.

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Ty for your reply, she has just finished her 12 week course of vitamin d but will phone for her results today as she’s just had another blood test done x

Her calcium and Vitamin D levels need to be good before any of the bone medications will work.

Vitamin D is available in other ways, so maybe this will help:

My vitamin D supplement is a golden oily capsule, not a white pill!

Have a look at my story just in case you can get some ideas from it which will help you help her:

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Ty x

Whilst I had no problems with alendronic acid which I took for 15 months whilst on steroids alongside vitamin D and calcium tablets, I would worry about your Mum coping with it as you have to take it once a week on an empty stomach first thing in the morning with a lot of water and then make sure that you do not lie down or eat for 30 mins. A couple of years after finishing the drug I did have an impacted and infected wisdom tooth removed under a general in hospital. That was slow to heal but was okay in the end.

I suggest that you discuss your Mum's dementia with her doctors to see what they can suggest.

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Ty for your reply it’s not dementia it’s mental health she had a severe breakdown and diagnosed her with psychosis with Catatonia, she visited the dentist yesterday and they said it’s all fine to start the alendronic acid, she will be ok taking it and she always picks a Monday if she needs to take extra pills, my concern is the side affects but the dr said it will be more her stomach if any x

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