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Dinner for One, or the 90th Birthday Party


The most important TV programme in German speaking Europe tonight - but most of it is in English. Some of you will remember Freddie Frinton I'm sure.

Miss Sophie is celebrating her 90th birthday with her four dearest friends - but there is a problem: the last of them died 25 years ago! But Butler James steps up to the plate ...



Happy New Year everybody

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Shame, says due to copyright is blocked in this country......

HeronNS in reply to Longtimer

I watched the non-German version on YouTube. Laughing out loud.

Longtimer in reply to HeronNS

Thanks will now do that....happy healthy new year....🙏

Amazing , love seeing clips like this , Happy New Year , Brains , hugs xxxx

Just backed out of anymore 🥳 So off to bed to watch Dinner for one.... Thanks for the link.

Maybe will have a 🥂 afterwards.

Happy New Year to you all.

Happy New Year to you x

Checked it out on YouTube- had forgotten how great it was -thank you x

Will look on You Tube too!

Happy New Year! Xx

Happy New Year PMRpro and thanks for everything you have contributed here in the last year - your expertise is invaluable to so many of us !! X

Love it! Thank you PMRpro . It’s great to start the new year with a good laugh. 😂


Happy New Year Pro 🥳🥂

I've also just found a quick three minute , ' The One Show ' clip with a piece by Giles Brandwith of the German Phenomena at New Year , apparently it was never shown in the UK , so they put a special showing on in a German Bar in London for Freddie Frinton s wife and family , you might like a watch if you haven't seen it Pro. I think we might start adding this to our traditions now too xxx

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Blearyeyed

Oh yes - it is absolutely cult in Germany, there are a few versions made in local dialect too but they don't work well (I think). On Hogmanay you can see it about 10 times across all the local channels so there is no need to say you couldn't find time. Did you find the bit telling you that they were about to film it in colour but one of them died before it could be done? Of course now it is available in colour because they can use technology to do it. I have watched it almost every year since Daughter 2 was born and still find something new to laugh at. I came home from hospital on the 31st and lay on the floor holding my stomach watching it for the first time.

All my good wishes to you for the New Year. Jen

Happy New Year


I remember it well 'Same procedure as last year'. German friends were always astonished that we didn't know it.

Happy New Year!

That was great.....made me laugh out loud~!! thx

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