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Two for the price of one


Hello dear friends. I don’t write often but I do rely on your posts. Well here is my question. I have had too many platelets for over 25 years. Take meds to keep them lower. I got PMR two years ago. Presently on 5 mgs pred. Ok we recently suffered the death of a grandson and made a move from. And 8 room house with yard and pool in Florida to a4 room so on the beach about 75 miles away. I mention this because we, my 85 yr old husband, and I have been under tremendous stress. It caused me to go up to 10 mgs pred and I am on way down again. Ok two months ago my husbands platelets. Went way up and he started feeling crappy. Finally his GP checked his sed rate (50) and CRP (43) and said he has PMR. I thought he had my symptoms but these tests confirmed it. I am of English decent he is Italian. We don’t really even eat the same food. Is this bizarre or are there any other cases of husband and wife both with PMR on this list? Thank you all for being here. Wendy

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There are recorded cases of husband and wife developing PMR and even one or two where they developed it at the same time suggesting an environmental or infectious cause underlying it. But otherwise there is no blood relationship to blame - and it is just coincidence you both have it, just like your neighbour net door or your friend in the next town or your friend hundreds of miles away might develop it.

And rotten bad luck!


Hi Wendy,

So sorry about your grandson that must have been so awful for you & the whole family. You certainly have been under stress & then the move, you did well to realise & increase your Pred; I’m sorry your husband has now been affected by it! Rotten bad luck!

I hope the warmer weather in Florida is better suited to your condition & you enjoy the Sunshine.

Take Care

Best Wishes

MrsN x

So sorry for the loss of your grandson,it is very sad ,no wonder you have been stressed and moving house must have added to that.l am sure there has been cases of a husband and wife both having PMR, it is an illness that can affect many people and so could be a possibility.Sending you caring thoughts and hoping you will feel less stressed and feeling better soon.

Hello Wendy, I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am for your terrible loss and the stress you are under.

I don’t know if there are any statistics but my husband and I have been together for 33 years and I think we’ve morphed into each other. I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if he developed PMR. We seem to share everything including ailments and responses to stress.

So sorry about your grandson. In my prayers.

Hello and so sorry for your loss. My husband died three years ago and my older sister (by ten years) came over for the funeral from Denmark, where she lives. I developed PMR two months later and three weeks after me in the UK, my sister in Denmark developed PMR too! It seems such a bizarre and random illness and both of us had suffered stress!

Hello Alfryd, I cannot imagine how you feel suffering the loss of a grandchild, commiserations to you and your husband.

My brother has recently been diagnosed with PMR and he lives 250 miles away from me so no environmental comparison just the daily stresses that affect some of us more than others. I hope you and your husband remain as well as can be. Best wishes. x

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