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Meggsy - Profile Update as Requested


Female 74 years - PMR


Diagnosed Feb 2018. After 5 months of accumulating symptoms I woke up one morning with the whole kit and caboodle.

ESR 70, CRP 29. All other bloods normal and bone density good. Recent ESR 8

Began 15mg Prednisolone but increased to 25 when left arm still weak and painful after 2~3 weeks.

Tapered reasonably smoothly (other than fatigue, cramps, hair loss, sensitive teeth etc.) until 10mg when it took 3 attempts to get to 9.5.

Presently just over 2 weeks on 8.5. I had some niggly withdrawal pains initially but hopefully am in the clear now for 8.5mg.

Cramps have decreased significantly, though still occasionally appear. Likewise teeth sensitivity which was greatly relieved using Sensodyne toothpaste.

Thrilled to be on single figure pred and will use slow taper method in .5mg drops from now on.

This site has been an invaluable resource and I would like to say thank you to the moderators, volunteers and all other members who contribute and who educate, encourage, empathise and support those in need. 💐💐

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Thank you Meggsy, it sounds like you are doing really well & a very sensible decision to go down in 0.5mg drops from now.

I suffer from the teeth issue also & find l lock them together too, l have to check myself to try not to do it!

Would you be able to copy & paste your Post into your actual Profile, where it is easily accessible?

Thank you for your kind comments & l’m glad you are finding the Forum useful.

Kind Regards


Meggsy in reply to Hidden

Thank you Mr’s Nails. I wasn’t sure whether I was putting it in the correct place. I tend to work from the iPad and am not sure how to copy and paste here, but will go to the computer and have a go. Marea

HiddenAmbassador in reply to Meggsy

It should be the same process. Select the Text, copy, click on your avatar at the top of the site and copy into the....hi i am meggsy bit.

Great picture by the way.

Meggsy in reply to Hidden

Thank you Poopadoop - love your name. The picture was taken on a recent holiday at a beachfront house in Jervis Bay south coast New South Wales. My daughter and son-ln-law had booked it for themselves but had to cancel due to his work commitments. It was too late to get a refund so they offered it to us. They didn’t have ask twice. 🌻

HiddenAmbassador in reply to Meggsy

I bet. I could just sit there for a while cogitating.😁

Meggsy in reply to Hidden

I did. 🙂

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Meggsy

We had a holiday a bit like that the best part of 40 years ago though we had to pay for the flat in the snowy Italian Dolomites which The Boss didn't want to use as he'd had a better offer. Now we live in the region!!

Meggsy in reply to PMRpro

How wonderful! My dream holiday would be Italy.

I have that annoying sensitive teeth issue especially on the upper right side. I thought I had real dental problems, but my dentist examined and x-rayed me thoroughly and found nothing amiss. He was the one who explained to me that it can be a side effect of pred. Another one I get is recurring blepharitis in my left eye which I keep at bay with eyelid wipes and eye drops. I had my eyes thoroughly examined by an ophthalmologist who said it was annoying but nothing serious and again almost certainly a side effect of pred. It's not fun to have to deal with these minor ailments, but worth it when pred deals so effectively with our major conditions.

Thanks for sharing these symptoms and the link with Pred. I have both and didn’t know.

It's all too easy to jump to the conclusion that nasty symptoms are down to pred, but it's reassuring when the professionals confirm your suspicions.

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