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Muscle awareness.

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Good morning everyone.For the last few months I have been constantly aware of the muscles on the backs of my thighs and to a lesser extent the muscles at the backs of my upper arms. It’s not pain but a “heaviness “.

Is this alright to totally ignore or does it count as unchecked inflammation indicating that I am not taking sufficient Prednisone to mop it up?

Thank you.

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Difficult to say - if it isn't getting worse as you reduce then it is probably OK. If you try a bit more pred does it improve? That is as good a test as any for inflammation.

OTOH, hamstrings and arms do suffer a bit unless you do some form of exercises for them.

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Dewdrop456 in reply to PMRpro

Thank you.I am a bit reluctant to increase because it’s not pain as such.I know enough now to give in and accept when I need to increase BUT because it’s just a “heaviness “which I can tolerate I don’t want to but will if it’s inflammation.

Sorry to labour the point and I expect I will end up doing as you kindly and wisely advised.

Best wishes

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Along with my fizzy thighs that got an extra 2.5 chucked at them yesterday, I had a tight pain in my right hamstring and minimally in my left. I thought I’d pulled something and was ignoring it as per PMR, however after the extra yesterday and a return to previous dose today, I haven’t felt it yet 🤞

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Dewdrop456

I don't mean increase - I mean try a bit more for a couple of days to see if it helps. If it doesn't you can stop, if it does you know it is the beginning of inflammation and needs to be kept an eye on,

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Dewdrop456 in reply to PMRpro

Yes I think it’s the only way.

Its not at all like my usual warning sites or pains though which is why I’m hesitating .


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I used to, and would now if necessary, take an extra 5mg one day and go back to my dose the next day. I generally found the thighs etc were back to my "normal" following that. Rather than, that heavy burning feeling. It was around my bingo wings that got burny too.

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Sounds the same musclely thing as I get.

Its just seems an unimportant level of discomfort to throw Pred at.

But from the advice that I’m getting it seems that’s what’s needed.

I’m really scared of unchecked inflammation!!!

Thank you Poopadoop.(Have an urge to make your name even longer by adding a few more adoopaloopadoolies .Dont know why!)

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Feel free 😂😂😂

I tell myself it mops up that extra bit of inflammation thats starting to overflow and believe it.

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Dewdrop456 in reply to

See ! That’s what I need, more poopadoops and less Pred! We’ve all been handling this PMR lark wrong!!!

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How often do you do that? Just wondering, as I never know when to give it a while to see where it's going or nip it in the bud. Thanks!

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When i was going down from 15 to about 8mg i did it more often. I would do a drop, go through withdrawal initially and then 10 to 14days later if my thighs started burning and then my upper arms ached and burned i would take 5mg extra.....after i made sure i hadn't been burning my spoons at both ends....Go back to the 9mg (or whatever) the next day and the burning seemed to disapate. A couple of times that didnt work so if the aching and burning came back i would go back up until it settled.

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