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Further Update on Severe Hip Pain!

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First: Best wishes everyone for 2019.

Regarding my post of a couple of months ago, I received the results of my MRI scan in the post on Friday. It said –

“The scan demonstrates an insufficiency fracture of the pelvis; this is essentially a hairline fracture, which is a subtle crack in the bone, which affects both the back and the front of your pelvis. This is definitely the reason for your pain”

It goes on to mention the treatments available should I still be in pain. I’m not though, the pain stopped almost as suddenly as it started!

Does this mean I definitely have osteoporosis? Given that I took a bisphosphonate (Didronel) for around 7 years, stopping 15 years ago when I did NOT have osteoporosis could this be something to do with it? The stuff after all seems to stay in your system forever!

Or – should I consider taking AA or the like again.

When I was first diagnosed the rheumatologist advised my GP to prescribe a bisphosphonate as a preventative. (My GP told me I didn’t need a bone density test) I tried taking it, but it made me very ill, so I stopped. My GP knows I am not taking it, but I don’t think the rheumatologist knows. (I haven’t seen him since I was diagnosed, only the nurse specialist)

I would be very grateful for any advice. I want to be as informed as possible before I see my GP.


8 Replies
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I would push for a bone density test, if refused I would seek another doctor. Like you say, it is hard to assess the meaning of the findings but you need to know whether this is a localised problem or more widespread. A Dexa scan will diagnose osteoporosis if it is present or threatened. I would not take AA unless I was diagnosed.

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Omanain in reply to SheffieldJane

Thanks for your swift reply. I think I will contact the rheumatoid specialist nurse and see if she can arrange a Dexa scan. If not I will go and see my GP and insist.

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SheffieldJane in reply to Omanain

Good luck! Let us know what happens.

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They obviously think it is thinned bone because it is described as an insufficiency fracture. I think a dexascan is required - and consideration then of how to manage it.

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Omanain in reply to PMRpro

Thanks for your swift reply. I think I will contact the rheumatoid specialist nurse and see if she can arrange a dexa scan. If not I will go and see my GP and insist. It was the insufficiency bit that made me think of osteorporosis but as Shefield Jane says, this could just be a localised problem.

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Pre my PMR/GCA diagnosis my Rheumoltologist thought my leg, thigh & lower back pain was caused by a hairline hip fracture which is a rare side effect of AA drugs. I had been on a very mild osteoporis drug for years. He immediately took me off the drug until I could get an MRI. So my guess is that even if you do now have osteoporosis, you won't be put back on AA

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Omanain in reply to Janstr

Thanks Janstr. I am hoping to find out what caused the fracture. It would have been more helpful if I'd had a dexa scan at the start. I will let you know.

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Agree with pushing for Dexascan and refusing any additional biphosphonate meds till you get one.

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