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Out With the Old…

Those that can't do... RANT!


Warning: The attached blog link, contains some questionable language and refers to subject matter that may be considered (by some) to be gross and inappropriate, while (to others) it may be considered pretty funny!

Please note, although it is not directly related to PMR/GCA, it is related to dealing with other illnesses while struggling with PMR/GCA... and we all know, that sucks.

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wow. what a nightmare you have been through...so glad it is over. So sorry it happened. but...... since I am a bright sider..and pretty shallow... .I'll bet you are starting the new year thin!!!! Happy New Year! Hear is healthy and happy to all of us.!

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Cheers YB, Hope you're feeling fit as a fiddle! All the best in 2019! xxx

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haha. here not hear! PRED HEAD

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By the way... I was 9 pounds down, but when I started to eat again, I was apparently eating for England! I'm sure it's all back on by now.... 🙄

Poor you, what an awful time. How do you manage to turn such misery into entertainment? Wishing you all the best in 2019.

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HA! Thanks Joaclp, If I don't laugh, I'll cry... and my eyes are puffy enough! Happy NY!

My OH has just had an endoscopy today. All clear luckily. But we are pig sick of 2018 and all the hospital, doctors and blood's appointments. I feel so depressed just now. OH has gone to bed and I'm going soon, what a wonderful start to the new year. Happy New year to you all on this site, I couldn't have made it without you. xx

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Ohhhh noooo! Don't be depressed JC! Laugh it off.... if we don't laugh "it" will win, and we cant have that! It's a new dawn.... xxxx

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You are right, of course Had a good sleep last night so feel much better today. Welcome 2019, things can only get better right? Much to look forward too really, 3 cruises booked and a mini trip to Bruges in Feb. Pushed the boat out too, booked a cruise for 2020 !!! Aaaargh, hope I'm still here, lol. Happy New Year to you and your family, and to everyone on this wonderful site, Jan xxx

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That's the spirit! Good on you!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Dear Melissa i am so sorry you had to go through all of that without adequate pain relief - what on earth !!?? But I am delighted you ended up well enough by Christmas day to enjoy that with your family and especially dear little Max !! If only he knew the trials and tribulations you'd been through to 'get there' !!

i am determined 2019 will be MUCH BETTER health wise for all of us here - and in particular those who have really had a bad time last year such as yourself ... It WILL be a better year - how could it not !! - it wouldn't be a giant step for it to be LOTS better Melissa and we are all tapering in some hopeful direction aren't we - well most of us at least ...

I feel very annoyed you did not have that pain relief - another example of FAR LESS than adequate treatment - and THIS we will not put up with from the medical profession - we must complain and make demands where this happens !!

But I refuse to start 2019 on a negative note - so wishing you - all the 'LOVELIEST' of things in this new year Melissa and hoping that this beautiful little blue 'Mother Earth' of ours is also allowed to begin to heal herself with the help of us all ...

Peace and Love to Everybody



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"It WILL be a better year!" From your mouth... to God's ears!

Love you Rimmy!!!!

Oh my goodness what a horrible nightmare .Wishing for a,better year 2019 .You deserve some peace and better health

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Thanks PW! Appreciate the sentiment! 2019 is going to be fabulous, I just feel it! xxx

You have had far more than your fair share of nasties this year. Your humour has always shone through. I’ve always maintained a sense of humour is an essential of life and you are living proof. It’s often hard to keep smiling but you do that and find the strength to write with wisdom that helps us all. May 2019 treat you and your family kindly, with health, happiness and love.

I’ve had three colonoscopies, there really not fun!! You have all my sympathy.

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Awe.... thank you J56! I appreciate you saying that... If my rants help even a little, I am happy! xxxx

PS, Yes, this was my 3rd one as well! 3 times lucky! Hahahahahahaha

Mamici - you've had a ghastly time of it - now to march onwards - the ole path might have pebbles and be uphill a lot of the time, but, we shall overcome. You happy knack of picking out the absurd keeps us focused on the glass half full <G> - you are a tonic - with a slosh of gin...!

Best for 2019 - Cheers to all of y'all - take care an, go kick when necessary !

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We shall overcome!!!!!!! ...and that f**king glass is half full indeed! Now, if I could just find it... xxx

Gosh Melissa (my polite response, more like WTF???). Yet another terrible turn of events to add to all the other medical challenges you’ve endured in 2018. How awful to be without pain meds for a portion of your ordeal.

Thrilled you got to spend some pain free time with your sweet Max.

2019 is bound to be better....for us all. We have each other, 7600+ strong, we are getting better and better at listening to our bodies, experts in fact, and lastly we are learning to advocate for our health.

Wishing you a year, and a future filled with insight, laughter, and many celebrations.


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👏🏻 Yea, I have you saying 'WTF?" Hahahahahahahaha! My work here is done.... xxxx

Oh Melissa, Melissa, Melissa

You poor darling girl, you’ve certainly had the 🤬 end of it this year!

Wishing you All The Best & Good Health In 2019 as you certainly deserve it! 🥂💕🌺

Love Angela xx

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Back at ya Mrs Nails! Best to you and yours in 2019!

As I sit here in one of the most painful flares I've ever had I really needed your attitude to lift me again, great writing but rotten subject. So tactfully I won't chink wine glasses with you and say 'bottoms up', just 'scull it down you girl'! Happy new year and happy unbirthday and happy whatever else we can celebrate as we woke up this morning and lots didn't 💖🍾🎉🍷🍷

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Hey Sista! So sorry you are caught in a flare.... bummer. This too shall pass and SOON, I hope! Happy, happy back at ya...

We did wake up.... that's something, right! xxxx

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Can't talk about bums can we with colonoscopies in recent memories???? Oh what the hell, it's wine o'clock so bottoms up to 2019 🤣

I'm speachless, literally don't know what to say.

What a miserable year you have had surely things can only get better from here, here's hoping!

All the best to you in 2019

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Hey Scats! Thank you... misery loves company and all of you have kept me going, THANK YOU! xxx

I think it's me that has to thank you. You bring humour in the face of adversity all I can bring you is sympathy and possible support when you need it

Brilliant humorous expression again M..... You shouldn't have to suffer for your art though!!! What a crock of s==t 2018 has been for you!!

Thanks for all the laughs you really deserve a golden 2019! Here's hoping.

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HA! Thanks PD!!!! It has been a crock of s**t, indeed! Here's hoping!!!!

Thank you for reading and for your support!


So sorry to hear all you had to put up with. Here's hoping 2019 brings you all you are hoping for.

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Many thanks!!!!

Out with the...... 💩....... In with the.....🍝🍲🍜🍧🍪🍬🍸☕️ have a happy healthier new year but keep us laughing whatever happens xxx

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💩 jokes... never let us down, do they? Thanks P13, all the best to you as well!!!!!

Oh Melissa. What can I say???. ....but WTF!!. You are having more than your fair share of nasties. Bloody hell, hope it’s onwards and upwards from now on. Glad you’re feeling better and at least you were with your lovely family over Christmas, and not confined to bed. Hope 2019 is better for all of us. Good job you’ve got a wicked sense of humour. It helps. Xx

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HI Suet3942, Yes!!!! "...onwards and upwards from now on," for sure! I hope you are well and wish you all the best in 2019!

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Can we talk about 'onwards and upwards' with recent colonoscopies??? Just asking 🤣

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Hi Melissa. I had been wondering what had happened to you as it was very quiet on the western front. How awful!!!! And without pain relief too. So pleased you had your guardian angel and that pain relief was eventually given!! So good too that you had a lovely Christmas Day with the family. We have to push forward don't we and look for the positives 2019 will bring?! Thank you again for helping others face the nasties associated with PMRGCA with your brilliant humour and fortitude. Happy 2019 Melissa xx

What an awful time you've had but I'm glad you were better just in time for Christmas. I hope you go from strength to strength in 2019

I had wondered where you had been. That certainly explains it all. Hope after this you get a good report. I think PMR/GCA really stands for.. Go see the Drs many times.

Dear mamici,what a dreadful run up to Christmas you have had,l am so pleased that after such an awful,painful time you were able to have a lovely Christmas with your family.Lets hope the new year will be a new start to a much kinder year for us all regarding our various health issues,and that it will be a very happy one for us all xxx.

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OH had his colonoscopy in Fri 29th too. Including diathermy - early NY fireworks... At least you are eating to put some weight back on - he needs to!

I am glad to see an end to 2018 too!

Too many doctors appointments, too much pain, too much bad temper, too much....too much....just not me!

Gosh, fighting those infections was hard for you. Let’s hope it’s all “ behind you” ...apt for panto season, but not for colonoscopy, I fear!

All the best, Valerie

So sorry for all you're suffering. It's not like we get a choice! But you've had much, much more of your share. So, I think 2019 must be the year for things to greatly improve for you - it's surely your turn to be pain free and healthy! You soooo deserve it as you bring joy into the lives of so many people with your "rants".

I'm sure that everyone who knows you, on this site and in person, will send you healing and love. I definitely will 💕🙏🏻

Hears to a Happy and Healthy 2019 - starting now 🥂

Poor you. What a rotten time you've had 🤬 and throughout it all you've kept your sense of humour and kept us amused, but we are laughing with you, not at you. So glad Christmas Day was good for you with your beloved Max. Here's wishing you a happier new year than last year. Surely that can't be hard. 💐

Dear Melissa, When I read your posts, this word always springs to mind. You are one Resilient Lady. The dictionary describes your qualities. All the best of health and happiness in the new year.





the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.


the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity

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Dear Coda123, You have no idea how much I needed this message this morning! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I woke up yesterday with a raging headache, stiff neck, body aches. and a temperature or 101! Nope, not a hangover, as I had NOTHING to drink on New Year's Eve!, except tea! I spent the entire day (and night) in bed, wishing I were dead. Much to my surprise (and against my wishes) I woke up this morning.... I feel like I have been hit by a truck, but the temp is gone, as are the body aches and headache, but I fear I am losing my resiliency. ❤️

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Worry not dear Melissa, with your amazing spirit you will rebound to make all of us (and yourself) happy again. Your sense of humour is so uplifting. Spoil yourself right now and rest until rested. xoxo

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