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Present Opening

Some presents still to open! My granddaughters and parents and aunt and grandparents took 1 & 1/2 hours to open the gifts!

Followed by wind up toy Olympic swim races in the pool courtesy of gift to all from aunty. Swimming. Straw bridge building competition gift to all from son in law.

Plus indulgent food sweet and savoury.

Me mainly pain free, if a little stiff. Good Christmas!

Best wishes to all forumites for a healthier 2019!


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Fantastic!! Lovely photo!!! Xxx


It sounds and looks fabulous. We had a ridiculous amount of fun throwing inflated rings at my son in law, wearing inflated antlers and a red nose. Very intellectual!


We have artificial snowballs!


Some grandparents have very stiff fingers which can't cope with all the excess packaging. My grandson had to open some of my more difficult packages.