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My son is recovering really well.

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Short version for those who do not know. Deep cleaning at dentist caused major blood infection and internal abscess on lower leg. He also had damaged aortic valve.

They opened up the calf of his leg on both sides and actually cleaned it out by pulling a cloth thru back and forth. That was the most painful. Then they closed one side and left the outer side open and attached a pump to it. His white blood cell count went from 515 down to normal so then two days later they did open heart on him and gave him a pig valve. I now call him pig boy. I guess all the pigs he has hunted are paying him back.

Now I am awaiting a call to see if I get to move to Oregon. It has been a month of waiting and I figure with all this stress I am doing pretty well. I am back to ten slow tapering to 9.

Now here is something new. My rheumatologist told me to start taking Tylenol. So I have been doing 1000 mgs about 3-4 times a day. My crp is down to normal and my hip pain comes and goes so go figure. Tylenol never did anything for my pain. He says he thinks my GCA has run its course and now we will work on getting Pmr under control. He thinks I am at 7.5 but I know I will flair again so sticking with the plan.

The town I am moving to has a Main Street and has only 1700 people. I will live by a creek and 1/2 mile from fishing on the John Day river. The closest big town is 4 hrs away.

Yes they have a clinic and a small hospital so I am all set.

🦋 Linda

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Very glad your son is doing well.

Three or four thousand mg of Tylenol a day sounds an awful lot. Does your doctor not care about your liver? I know it's the maximum allowable on the bottle of extra strength but I think that's only for short term use.

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My doctor did not tell me to take so much. Thanks for the link I am only going to take twice daily if needed. 🦋

So pleased your son is doing well now, cleaning out the abscess sounds horrible. Hope you are feeling better now and have a good move to your new home. All good wishes to both you and your son.

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I was supposed to know by now on the move but they keep putting off telling me. They say all my paperwork is perfect. I love where I live due to such great friends but my rent has been raised 3 times in less than two years. California is out of control. 🦋

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Ouch! Three times in two years sounds like way too much. Always sad to leave friends but also good to make new friends and your new home sounds lovely. All good wishes.

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Good to hear.

So will you become Lin-or-gon... that will be a bit different!!!!!

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That is a funny one for sure. 🦋

I am so happy to hear that your son is doing well now. I hope things go well for you and your move. All good wishes x

I am so happy that your prayers were answered and that Ron is doing well now. It sounds like a complete nightmare. Your new place sounds like a little piece of paradise. A creek!!!

Take care you and pig boy, bless him. Xx

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Yes my prayers have been answered. Now if I could only be told the unit is mine. There are only 18 units in this complex and all single story with a fenced front patio. I could throw a rock n hit the creek. I am already daydreaming about making a deep hole for soaking in summer.🦋

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Well, the Angels have got you.......

So happy for you both. The stress should be a lot less once you get moved and fishing. Hope your move is easy!

Hi Lin,

Sounds like your Son is on the mend, happy to hear it. Now on to Oregon, sounds very nice! Stress is the one thing that gets to my GCA so hope the move to a lower stress place will make a big difference in how you feel.

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Wow so many responses. Sorry to those I missed writing ..

Lucky for me my GCA seems to be under control. Occasionally a right temple niggle but no jaw pain etc.🦋

Yay Lin. So glad. Hope you got my private message? I’ve thought about you a lot. The new move sounds positive and peaceful! Xxx

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Yes got your message so sorry have so many to answer and time is crunched. Thank you for your note.🦋

So pleased that your son finally on the mend. Hope everything goes well with your move. You are doing really well with your reduction.

So pleased to read that your son is recovering well.

That is very happy news! I admire anyone who can move. We live in a town of 6500. Very easy to get around.

Hi Lin, you are moving to my old stompin grounds. The john day river is great recreation. What is the town😁?

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I am going to be one block from the one and only Main Street right in John Day. I sure hope this is going to happen.🦋

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I jnow John Day and the area 😁

Good luck with the move, and I'm really happy your son is recovering.


That's good news, it must have been a worry for you. Hope all goes well with your move.

I am pleased that your son is recovering well,the abscess on his leg sounded horrendous,he has really been through a lot.l hope that you continue to feel much better,your new home sounds lovely ,a creek nearby and a river not far away,l wish you a very happy life there.

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The main thing in Oregon is the rivers and lakes they are everywhere. Just got back from my son some of my fishing gear. I am such an brat taking things back heheh 😏

So pleased to hear your son is doing well. I know only too well how the stress can affect PMR as been in similar position many times over the past few years. Take care. You are very brave to make the move too. Good luck.

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Thanks.. I think I have gypsy blood as I have always loved moving. 🦋

Happy to hear your son is doing well Linda and good luck with the next move. :-) I hope you get settled very soon.

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Three days till movers show up. The thing that has made me anxious was hoping the microwave I was ordered showed up on time and lucky me it showed up today and 🤪a day early. I will have to get unpacked quickly as Nellie my cat is really disgusted with all these boxes and she is a talker for sure.

My son still has the pump attached to his leg and goes in ever other day for dressing changes, it is very uncomfortable and painful at times. The pump runs all night and it messes with his sleep. His chest incision is almost gone. I thank God he is doing ok.

I have pain in my upper thigh I thought it was my hip but it is in the bone it feels like. I am staying on 10 mgs for awhile 🤔 I will get settled then start the tapering again. I feel fine except for the leg and going down stairs is a planned event to make sure I plan it well🧐 hehehe 🦋


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