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Reducing Pred after op

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Am now just over three weeks post op for spinal surgery. I feel I could start a slow taper from my present 4mg to 3.5 but wonder if it would be unwise at present. Don't want to upset the applecart at this stage.

I was given 2 x 25mg Hydrocortisone shots in theatre and apart from that carried on my 4mg daily as normal.

Prior to op I was advised by GP to decrease Pred more quickly before surgery so needless to say I will NOT be asking for her advice! Have come to the conclusion this is something I have to manage myself. Any thoughts would be welcome

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On such small doses, I would wait until Christmas is over. Side effects are so minimal at these levels, though effective. Doctors who tell us to get off Pred quickly have no real idea of what they are asking. The Endocrinologist is doing the same to me. I would not be able to walk, if I followed his plan. X

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Wenben in reply to SheffieldJane

Thanks - yes, that does sound a more sensible thing to do

Is he not the guy who told you your Adrenals weren't up to scratch?? Why is he rushing you off the pred - would that not just make your adrenals worse?

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to powerwalk

Won't make the adrenals themselves worse - they need to be prodded by a lack of steroid in the body so they start to work again. But rushing off pred will leave them lagging behind and the person will be very very tired at the best and unwell at the worst.

Maybe he wants me to keel over sideways because he knows what to do. He was the one who sent me a syringe and a 100 mgs of Hydrocortisone in an ampule. We have never met. So I am doing my own thing. Staying at 7 mgs until life returns to normal ha!

oh right!! Doing your own thing - we should make up a song or something - "Doing our own thing". Seems to be what we all end up doing!! Guesswork. I know I keep looking for the magic answer - seems there is none!! Best wishes.

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer


Pleased you’re on the mend after op.

Personally I wouldn’t consider a taper until the new year. Christmas etc is always a bit stressful however enjoyable so I never tapered just before.

Get that out of the way and then try - you be a bit stronger from your op as well. As you say - no point in upsetting apple cart!

Take care.

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Wenben in reply to DorsetLady

Thankyou - will stick where I am for the time being

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It's a really low dose Wenben - I'd be resting on my laurels until well after xmas and NY!!

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Wenben in reply to PMRpro

Thankyou. That is good advice - need to be patient. Just getting a bit over enthusiastic now my leg pain has gone!

Concentrate on getting fully over your op and get Christmas out of the way first of all - why the rush? You're doing good don't spoil it.

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Wenben in reply to Telian

Thankyou - yes, I intend to heed everyone's advice and wait until the new year.

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Glad to hear your operation is over & has been a success but definitely stay where you are Pred Wise until the NY & see how you feel then.

All The Best 🌺


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Wenben in reply to Hidden

Thanks will do

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