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Words and Birds


Flights of fancy on a November day when maybe we could do with some light relief from Persistently Monotonous Revisiting of our various states of body/mind - this is just me having a bit of a riff on a surprise rainbow, not seen by me at the time but somehow picked up by my trusty camera lens. It just got me thinking in the pre-dawn greyness...

Birds: the air is filled with them, visible, audible, borne along on the wind; Words; the air is filled with them, all our voices borne on the wind lost to hearing but receding into endless space, what an invisible network surrounds us of languages spoken today (or uttered in an ancient long-lost past, wish we could hear those). Guess they are all still rippling out into billions of miles of faraway galaxies. Except that there is no sound in space... get a grip! Although youtube.com/watch?v=JEzq1I9... is a 12 minute hypnotic look and listen to the Earth from the Space Station. Puts a lot of things into perspective.

The words we share here form a written glue uniting unseen strangers who are strangely 'known' more thoroughly than maybe family or friends - here we all are, flocks of 'birds of a feather', fellow-sufferers winging it day by day all joined in understanding and co-operation. I've been imagining ( I have far too much time on my hands) that certain words and phrases could be represented by a bird: 'I wish' (a charm of goldfinches); 'Help Me' (a parliament of owls ); 'Pain' (a murder of crows, and a pitying of turtledoves); 'I feel so isolated' (a hermitage of thrushes); and lastly perhaps I should go and join an asylum of cuckoos!

And the sun's just come out :-)

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wonderful dawn thoughts!

Slowdown in reply to yogabonnie

More like a crazy sleep-deprived ramble, really! Things seem very important at 5.30a.m. ;-)

Lovely,l love watching the birds in my garden and listening to bird song is so good for the soul.

Slowdown in reply to Grants148

I remember you love your garden and made a recording of blackbirds singing, I downloaded something similar which plays on dark winter days.

HeronNS in reply to Grants148

Many many years ago on a visit to England, staying in Devon, I awoke to birdsong and in my half-awake state believed I was listening to the singing of angels.

It certainly does brighten up a dull day x.

Amazing post! Thank you.

Well, Jane, you know only too well the wee-small-hours wakefulness, have to fill them somehow. You must be so excited to see your family, have a wonderful time x

Lovely. And there must be sound of a sort in space, ringing at a frequency we organisms cannot perceive. The music of the spheres.

Slowdown in reply to HeronNS

Slowed down bird song is a revelation, we just can't hear all the complexity at 'normal' speed so maybe the music of the spheres could do with the same treatment. However, back to this planet .. you must be longing for the end of paintbrushes and upheaval, good luck!

HeronNS in reply to Slowdown

Hope you can read this - the post from 15th March:


Slowdown in reply to HeronNS

and all the rest, too. May 2018: universes, yes and why is water always noted as a prerequisite for life, why not for instance methane ... many moments of recognition, and an observation that West is where your face most often turns, the future, and you make a wonderfully poetic case for 'the parade of light', whereas mine is towards the East, looking for identity in the past. Thank you for this window into Thinking.

Thank you for the moment.

Lovely. Thank you.

Thank you so very much. Speechless xxxx

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