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Mad Max and the Long, Lost Weekend


After returning from a week's holiday in Southern France, last Sunday, and believing that I am still a young, fit, healthy woman, I turned around on Wednesday, and got on a train bound for Manchester!

Max and Grandma needed some quality time and what better opportunity than with Daddy in Paris at the Rider's Cup, and Mummy looking for company.

An electrical power outage in Milton Keys stopped ALL trains leaving Euston; so a 3.0 hour journey with a reserved seat, in a quiet coach, on a virgin Train... turned into a 5.0 hour journey, on some train line I have never heard of, out of Kings Cross, to Doncaster, to Manchester! I sat on the floor, under a luggage rack from Kings Cross, to Doncaster and on the floor, in the aisle, from Doncaster! 😳 When a seat did open up and a man suggested I take it... I had to embarrassingly admit, that I did not think I could get up, off the floor! I said I'd wait until we arrived and all passengers had exited the train, before I would attempt to rise as gracefully as possible.

I arrived in Manchester Wednesday evening at about 19:30, utterly exhausted, but no worse for wear. That extra 5 mg I took in the morning, really helped! After a hot shower and a good night's sleep; I was ready to PLAY!

[There were trains and trucks, tickles and giggles... Kisses and cuddles, laughter and wiggles! There were bubble baths, biscuits and some bending of the rules; we even got to play with some of Daddy's tools! We played inside, outside, shared quiet times and books; we watched our favourite TV show and gave each other looks.]

The time passed very quickly and before I knew it it was Sunday and time for me to return home to Brighton, ...but Ohhhhh, the fun we had.

So PMR/GCA, bad knee, neuropathy, old age... BE DAMNED!

Max and me made some incredible memories!

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How wonderful Melissa, all worth it 'that' journey. I would do what you do - those memories are soo precious. Lovely photos, he certainly is growing up, precious moments they are. Love your 'poetry'. Now you're home do some pampering before your next adventure! Enjoy this sunny autumnal day - getting chillier now..... xxxx :) :)

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Thank you Telian! It was all worth it... even sitting under the luggage rack! 🤣

Telian in reply to Hidden

I've got that vision.... x

Oh my goodness what a journey!! But you did it😊proud of you.So glad you had a wonderful time with Max, so it was all worth it😁xx #determinedlady


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Thanks Sandradsn!!!! It was the journey from hell... but heaven was waiting at the other end! I did have the most wonderful time.. thank you!!!! xx

Grandchildren have a magical ability to make our aches and pains disappear, even if it's just for a short while. Max is adorable.

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Thank you teesher! Yes that is 100% true! My aches and pains melted away with that first cuddle! xxx

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Yes aches and pains get pushed aside when your grandchildren are around. It is definitely a time to use up your spoons in the best possible way. Shame about your journey but so worth it for the cuddle time.

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Yes, thank you! Journey up sucked... but I'm putting in for a refund now, so maybe a monetary reimbursement will make me feel better! ; ) xxx

So glad you forged ahead regardless of illness! Do it anyway is my motto!

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Thanks Sandy1947... Yup, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.. PMR/GCA be damned! xx

Sandy1947 in reply to Hidden

Change that to always do what you want to do. I put my dog to sleep Friday and I’m grieving but sleeping better. Taking my son, daughter in law and grandchildren on a trip in 2 weeks.


Ohhhhhh Sandy, I am so sorry!!!!!! How difficult for you. I haven't had pets in many, many years, but I remember losing them (1 got hit by a car, another was attached by two pit bulls) and how incredibly hard it was. It's no different than losing a relative or a friend... I am so sorry for your loss. I hope the thought of your upcoming trip with the family can brighten your day a bit. xxxx

Lovely photo’s.

I have had fun reading about your happy time with Max.

Although no fun on the floor, I can imagine trying to get up, I would still there or shunted into a siding.

Some achievement for you doing the trip, the pleasure and no repercussions. 👍👍

I am planning to go to Norwich this week, 4 hrs by car , or 4.55/????? by train. It’s toss up.

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Oh Marymon! Good luck with your trip to Norwich... I personally love traveling by train, but any traveling is tricky business... I think the horrible trip up there, pumped me full of adrenaline and that helped get me through... that night I did take a hot shower, and went to bed at about 9:30. So Thursday I felt okay, just a bit stiff. Thanks for reading, Melissa xx

Longtimer in reply to Marymon

Hope you enjoy city!.....

Marymon in reply to Longtimer

I know it well, charming city.

Lucky you.

I stay with an old friend in Cringleford

Longtimer in reply to Marymon

Sadly I don't go too often, just can't cope with it.....but it is a charming city....and luckily for me....Norfo!k is flat!😀

Have a lovely visit....

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Marymon

No contest - car every time!

We are going to Dundee later this month and were going to fly to Edinburgh until i discovered we would arrive at 11.45pm and still had to get to Dundee. And it meant getting up at 4am to get to the airport to come back. I'm driving - gentle 2 day trip to Amsterdam, same back...

Marymon in reply to PMRpro

Although train travel is more restful than busy motorways, you are at their mercy when the system breaks down, which seems to be frequently these days.

But, remembering my experiences travelling by train around the South Coast last July, car it is.

Wishing you an uneventful trip to


Delightful Melissa - this IS the kind of 'poem' you have a real talent for - Max looks like a charming wee darling and you obviously had an entrancing time - a lovely memory to forever store !


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Thank Rimmy! It was an entrancing time for sure!!!!! ❤️

He’s gorgeous Melissa! I’m so happy for you that it all worked well in the end!

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Thank you Stellafmdm, It was fabulous! xxx

Beautiful little boy....they grow up treasure him...

He cheered me up....tried to plant some pansies in a pot outside.....pain shot across my back, so struggling now with that as well......his smile has helped me.....xx

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Ohhhhhhhh, Longtimer, bummer! I'm sorry that happened... Damn pansies! I'm happy Max's smile cheered you up. He is a charmer, but a terror as well. Takes after Grandma I'm afraid with an independent streak and a mind of his own!!! Feel better, get some rest... maybe hot or cold compresses on that back! xxx

Longtimer in reply to Hidden

Thank You.....x

Oh mamici, what precious pics! Max very intent on what he was playing with. Gosh, you sure have done some travelling, girl. Good on you.

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Thank you karools16! Yes, I am sick of sitting in this flat, looking at the 4 walls. Things only seem to get worse, so if I wait till all is well, I could be waiting forever!!!! I'm going to live life while I'm still here...

Damn PCR, GCA, bad knee and neuropathy! : )

GOOD_GRIEF in reply to Hidden

Yep. This isn't the dress rehearsal. This it it!

Grab it and go!

Lovely little boy, by the way...

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Thanks GG!!!! xxx

Chrob in reply to Hidden

Plus he will be 15 like my grandson in the blink of an eye .

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I know, I have two others in Florida... one is 19 and the other 8!!!!!!! How did that happen?????

Chrob in reply to Hidden

I know my daughter is 43 she is now officially older than me .

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🤣🤣🤣 I love that!!!!!! Yes, my oldest is 40 and my baby is 35... Both older than me!!!!

Rimmy in reply to Chrob

So true !! - mine has just turned 13 and he was a wee baby in my arms only just 'yesterday' ....

Go for it! We have to do what we can NOW. The alternative is just too terrifying. Sitting around looking inwards does us no good. Yes there are days when there isn’t an option and we need to hibernate but with the lure of a lovely grandson the following exhaustion is well worth the effort.

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It was indeed Jean56, it was indeed. ...and it's not often that my daughter says, " I want my Mommy to visit!" I was on the train....

Well done you on going I mean not sitting on the floor

If we don't do these things we are wasting our life's and its to short as it is.

I am just looking at booking few days in London in March seeing Tina Turner the Musical and sight seeing .Always worry about going away but often feel much better when away .

Max looks like my Grandson I would post a photo but my Daughter in-law doesn't like anyone doing that so must respect her wishes .

How old is Max?

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Thank you and yes I agree Rose 54! I'm sick of wasting my life....

Hmmmmm.... I don't ask. I figure, it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Max is 20 months old.

Rose54 in reply to Hidden

Mine is 3 tomorrow

I wont see him but will face time tomorrow

Sounds great! I can sympathize with trying to get up from the floor! Really hard with a torn Achilles' tendon and I look so awkward doing it. See him as much as you can. He's good medicine! And they do grow up so fast. I remember my boys at that age and now they are 6'2 and will be 18 next month.

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Ouch, I can't imagine! I do love visiting him...

Are they your sons or grandsons that are 18 and 6'2?

Mikb in reply to Hidden

My sons. I had them late lol.

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Ahhh... Good for you! My kids are 40 & 35, which is weird because I swear I'm only 32!!!!! 🤣

Mikb in reply to Hidden

I remember my brothers 9 year old asking my mom, his grandma, how old she was. She said 39. He said "oh, dads older than you". My brother was 42 at the time 😂. The poor boy didn't have a clue.....

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Hahahahahaha. My girls were clueless for ages... I had lied so much about my age they were never really sure how old I was!

Rimmy in reply to Hidden

Yes how strange this is my sons are 43 and 40 and I'm (or only feel) 'around' the same age but just - for some reason - 'look' wrinklier ...

Always one of my favourite early Stones tracks -

'Time waits For No one':

'Yes, star crossed in pleasure the stream flows on by

Yes, as we're sated in leisure, we watch it fly

And time waits for no one, and it won't wait for me ... '


Sorry you had such a horrible journey. Love the photos. Sounds like you had a lovely time with your grandson in spite of all the problems.

Update for anyone using railway assistance they have been trialing a new system using mobiles and hope to have it up and running before the end of the year. The people giving assistance will have live updates of any problems and be able to pass messages and receive replies. They will also know the seat number and coach. The passenger will know the first name of the person meeting them. A number of disabled people have been using it for a while and there have been good reports. Would have been good to have in a situation like the one you experienced.

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WOW! CT-5012, that is amazing! Where did you hear about that? Yes.. to have someone help me up ff the floor would have ben great! hahahahaha Cheers, good news!

Gorgeous little boy mamici,lovely memories,he looks a happy little soul. The train journey was a long one for you both,l am sorry that you spent a lot of time on the floor,not a good thing to have to do with PMR pleased that it all turned out so wonderfully in the end.

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Thank you Grants148. WE did make some lovely memories.. and the ones under the luggage rack are already fading! ; ) I hope you are feeling well!

That sounds like my idea of heaven. I mean the time with Max of course. Your train journey sounds like a nightmare. You would probably get compensation if you can be bothered to complain.

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Thanks Jane, I have already completed the Virgin Form to get reimbursed! We shall see how their Customer Service holds up!

PS. It goes without saying that he’s a dreamboat!

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Hi, just catching up, Charlotte plus M&D came for Sunday Lunch yesterday & this morning was taken up with a Kitchen Designer! In a heap all afternoon & evening!

So, you had a wonderful weekend with Max, that’s great but l’m none too impressed with the train journey! 😱 Had you booked a seat? If it happen to us when the boys were little, l used to go to first class & take a seat in there! Trains are always awful at the weekends!

Hope you enjoyed your holiday in France?

When to you go for the next lot of tests?

Speak Soon

Angela xx

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She must be getting big MrsNails!!!!! .... and cute as a button!!!!

Yes, I had booked a seat in the quiet car, at a table, by the window. HA! I got the "under the luggage rack," seat. But in all fairness there were NO trains leaving Euston at all , so I did good to get to Kings Cross and get on a LNer Train (?) And I travelled on a WEDNESDAY! It was just a fluke power outage at Milton Keys.

France was AMAZING! Thanks for asking! I love it there... I could go back tomorrow and not be bored!!!! I could live there if I could only speak the language!!!! Your trip was just as wonderful, right? You were no worse for wear?

I have two MRIs scheduled for this Saturday. One neck & spine and one of the head. That is to make sure neuropathy isn't being caused by spine or brain issues I guess... then I see Rheumy on 17/10 for just a standard appointment and the Neurologist on 05/11 to determine what IS causing neuropathy!

Hope you are feeling well and enjoying that little beauty of yours! xxxx

How fabulous! So wonderful that you (and us folks on this forum), can still enjoy life and those we share it with.

Wee ones can help us feel young again ourselves and I am thrilled that you persevered and created some wonderful memories with Max and your family. Luv the pics, what a cutie pie!

Be proud of yourself for making it happen Grandma. Oh the things we will do for them, and gratefully with them.

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It is true... he is my joy, right now. My heart just melts when I see or hear him. I FaceTime with him most every night while he is taking his bath... oh the fun we have! We have to force ourselves to see, and enjoy the little bits of life and love we do experience... as these illnesses can be so consuming. xxx

That little charmer is growing so quickly! Great that you had time with him, and now you have a wonderful tale to tell.

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Great memories for sure! Thanks HeronNS!

Wow, isn’t just awesome Melissa!! My grandson is 19 and just started college a couple hours away. He came over this past weekend with apples. “Nana will you make a Apple pie for me.” So that’s what we did! 💕 maryanne

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OH WOW! Cool. I too have a 19 year old and an 8 year old, but both in Florida. I don't get to see them very often. : ( Max is here so I try to see him as often as possible. I'l bet making that apple pie was the best time ever!!!!!

MaryA_ in reply to Hidden

Yes, it sure put a smile on my face. His parents live in Texas but he is going to college here in Maine, so he spends the weekends with his uncle ( my other son) and all the grandparents. It’s wonderful 😎.

Are your grandchildren all boys? Grandparents are extremely important to the grandkiddies and it hard when they live so far away. maryanne

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Oh that is lovely that you get to see him so much!!!!! All 3 of my grandchildren are boys. 19, 8 and 20 months... The 19 year old and I were very, very close, until I moved to the UK, 8 years ago. We were both devastated by that I think... : ( My husband and I moved here with Amex, and because my husband (who is British) had lived in USA for 12 years.... it was time to give the UK a go. It broke my heart to leave my grandson though...

Grandsons are wonderful!

I’m exhausted just reading about your weekend. Sounds like you had a fab time! X

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It was Wednesday to Sunday and yes it was exhausting... but I loved every minute of it! Well maybe not sitting under the luggage rack bit... xxxx

Think you are so gutsy Melissa. Has encouraged me to take the plunge and travel to Kennington to see my daughter- often think about it but can't really face the trains and tubes!! Also terrible drive into central London. So here it is to plans!! Lovely pictures of your grandson- he looks such a sweetie . Making of memories so important . Xx

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HA! Either "gutsy" or just plain "dumb!" I love traveling by trains... but on days like that, "OH BOY!" It was a nightmare. The extra 5 mg of pred and my constant self talk about how everything was going to be be fine and that this was just a glitch in the matrix, helped! I am soooo happy you will visit your daughter!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 GO!!!! Do it! Be brave... it is never as bad as we build it up to be in our minds... Well okay, this last trip was worse but that was a TEST and I passed!!!!! 🤣

Too true!! Xx

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